Five nabbed in drug busts

Five people have been charged with drug offences after police searched a number of properties on the Eyre Peninsula last week.

Following investigations police searched homes at Cummins, Karkoo, Port Lincoln and North Shields, uncovering cannabis, methamphetamine, firearms, drug paraphernalia and cash.

Last Wednesday police attended and searched a property in North Shields where they allegedly located 14 cannabis plants, about two kilograms of dried cannabis and 36 resealable bags containing with cannabis remnants and cannabis seeds.

The items were seized and a 52-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman from the address were reported for trafficking a controlled drug and cultivating cannabis.

On Thursday, April 11 patrols from Tumby Bay, Cummins, Port Lincoln and the Dog Operations Unit conducted two searches.

The first search was at an address in Cummins.

Police will allege at the home they located two large cannabis plants, a large amount of branches drying in the shed and about 250 grams of dried cannabis.

A 59-year-old man was reported for possession and cultivation of cannabis and will appear in court at a later date.

At the second search, at a home in Karkoo, police allegedly uncovered 10 cannabis plants, about 2.6kgs of dried cannabis and an unregistered firearm.

A 66-year-old man from the address was arrested and charged with trafficking a large commercial quantity of cannabis and firearms offences.

On the same day Port Lincoln police, including detectives, attended Port Lincoln home to conduct a search.

Police will allege they located an amount of cannabis and an amount of illicit substance suspected to be methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, firearm accessories and about $4000 cash.

The occupant, a 34-year-old local man was arrested and charged with drug trafficking, firearms offences and breach of bail.

He was refused bail, appeared in court on Friday and again on Tuesday, April 16.