CCBT back-to-back winners

WIN: Tracey Kenny, Steve Ismakic, Gerri Evenden.
WIN: Tracey Kenny, Steve Ismakic, Gerri Evenden.

Tuesday, April 9

Demons def Peaches 16-8. Best: Demons: Ruby Dennis; Peaches: Beth Cox.

2Cs and a D def Boccinovas 16-13. Best: 2Cs and a D: Chris Hains; Boccinovas: Lesley Kolega.

Jets def Lipgloss 16-15. Best: Jets: Pat Langmead; Lipgloss: Marie Whittle.

Oceans def Dolphins 16-5. Best: Oceans: Kay Tucker; Dolphins: Jan Hanchant.

Sapphires def MSG 16-9. Best: Sapphires: Tess Rimland; MSG: Betty Gogler.

Baguettes def Spinners 16-8. Best: Baguettes: Angela Parks; Spinners: Barb Richards.

Cougars def Kea 16-15. Best: Cougars: Marlene Dennis; Kea: Angie Tussler.

Eagles def Nannas 16-9. Best: Eagles: Yvonne Hall; Nannas: Vera Knezevic Schnell

Thursday, April 11

The finals were two exciting games which brought onlookers to the edge of their seats.


Wild Dogs played Sharks and despite putting up a good fight could not quite make finals, losing 15-7.


CCBT def Sharks 15-9

Sharks had to play CCBT who were the top team. Playing well Sharks could not out roll CCBT with Tracey Kenny playing outstandingly.