Husband, wife team dominate

Peter and Lorraine Shepperd won all major events in the Coffin Bay bowling season.

L. Shepperd was the ladies' singles champion defeating Patsy Parsons. She also won the ladies' pairs with partner Margie Haines.

P. Shepperd won the men's singles defeating Paul Phillips; together they won the men's pairs.

They also won the Don Bierworth Memorial mixed pairs competition donated by Shirley Bierworth.

Coffin Bay division one mid week were pennant winners for 2018/2019. In division two the Thursday pennant team won.

Pictured: Peter Shepperd, Michael Brommage, Pauline Britza, Joy Kammerman, Margie Haines, Alan Catterall, Mike Tyrrell, Denise Brommage, May Bull, Lorraine Shepperd, Robyn Pentecost, Patsy Parsons.