Council attempts to remedy situation

The Adelaide company leading the Port Lincoln Leisure Centre expansion going into liquidation has caused distress for the Port Lincoln City Council, but more so for local subcontractors who have been left in limbo.

Local companies had set aside time, hours and workers to help complete the project to be told seemingly without any warning that the site would be closed for an undecided amount of time.

This has left many subcontractors wondering what's next and some are rightly frustrated.

Each day the site remains closed loses money for local businesses.

The council seems to be paying the price for hiring Adelaide company Unique Urban Built (UUB) to lead the $9.41-million project and not a local building company.

But the council could have never predicted this would happen.

And since the news about the liquidation broke, the council has taken a proactive approach to try and remedy the situation.

The council's chief executive officer Stephen Rufus said earlier that the council had no prior warning and was informed of the liquidation by local subcontractors.

The council decided at its Monday night meeting to try and resolve the issue by taking charge and hopefully giving some answers in the process to subcontractors left in the dark.

Mr Rufus said negotiations to terminate the council's contract with UUB could take about three to four weeks.

After that time further contracts may have to be drafted and put together, and site and project managers hired before the site could be reopened to continue works.

While a figure has not been given on how much money has been lost, the council and subcontractors will undoubtedly lose out and so will the community.

Mr Rufus said a surveyor found about 65 per cent of the $4.4-million expansion was finished

So with 35 per cent still to go the original finish date of July seems unlikely to be met.

There's not doubt the council has made some swift and proactive action on taking back the expansion but there will be many businesses and therefore local families left out of pocket and wondering if this all could have been avoided.