Swiss sailor rescued off Port Lincoln after nine days drifting at sea

It was smooth sailing for Swiss sailor Peter Baggenstos on his second solo trip around the world until he battled a severe storm in the Great Australian Bight and had to be rescued by the State Emergency Service.

The seasoned sailor survived two pirate attacks at gunpoint in South America aboard his Lady Lay but a storm about 2000 kilometres south-west of Port Lincoln on March 24 almost ended his trip.

Mr Baggenstos said he spotted it coming and headed north towards the coast as fast as he could to avoid its centre but did not make it.

"A bigger wave hit and turned the boat on its side...everything was flooded," he said.

"I think it was the worst storm I've ever seen."

The 76-year-old was left disorientated and bleeding from a cut to his head, but managed to upright his boat as he rode out another large wave whilst holding onto the steering wheel.

With a broken boom and no power Mr Baggenstos said he drifted for nine days under a small makeshift sail before he met another storm near Neptune Islands.

Port Lincoln SES unit manager Max Coulson said an international 'pan-pan' signal came through on April 5 at about 10:30pm for an urgent, but not life threatening situation.

Mr Coulson said it took the SES marine rescue team about 6.5 hours to tow the 14-metre vessel to the marina.

"He was extremely took us about an hour to find him as he had drifted," he said.

"He was 10-nautical miles north-east of Port Lincoln...we towed him back to the marina at about 5am."

Mr Baggenstos said he was very grateful for the help and the marina manager and local sailors for helping him after.

He now plans to travel to Adelaide for larger scale boat repairs that will take about three months to complete.

Mr Baggenstos said he could have to wait a further two to three months after repairs before continuing his trip as the winter months were not ideal for sailing in this region.

He will then re-begin his journey and travel to Tasmania to visit a friend, as he had planned before the storm damaged his boat.

He will then sail onto New Zealand and visit Polynesia for some relaxation.