Yeelanna show no mercy

Great Flinders football


Lock 2-13 (25) def by United Yeelanna 25-11 (161)

In perfect playing conditions United Yeelanna gave Lock a touch up to the tune of 23 goals in the Anzac round.

In an amazing first quarter of 17 scoring shots it was only inaccuracy that had the Roos behind by almost five goals at the first change.

United Yeelanna opened their account with two goals early to Lock's reply of two points.

With plenty of run from Carr, Jolly and M. Crettenden they added another of each.

The Roos finally made it fourth time lucky as the effervescent Wright was able to find Habner in the goal square.

L. and B. Brown were doing plenty for the Roos with Morton giving drive from the midfield and glimpses of the previous Northcott style was on display.

A brilliant Eagles goal from the clubrooms side at the 15-minute mark began a purple patch for them which continued to the end of quarter, M. Crettenden kicking their sixth.

Yeelanna were out of the blocks early again with two consecutive goals until L. Heath was able to kick truly for the Roos second goal - and last for the match.

Lock continued to pressure their opponents and to their credit held them to their lowest scoring quarter.

Inaccuracy cost the Roos who scored five points while Eagles posted 8-1 from nine scoring shots.

Carr, Murnane, Jolly and the Crettendens were doing nothing wrong.

Lawrie and Norton were making it hard for Lock's forwards and midfield pressure ensured no easy approach to score.

Glover, Wright and L. Brown were giving it their all but with the supply lines cut off were finding it frustrating. Eagles led 19-7 to 2-12 heading into the final quarter after a classy 25 minute display.

They ran to and for each other, talked, backed up and handballed cleanly giving them plenty of time to make appropriate decisions.

The Roos, though beaten, were not bowed letting the Eagles know they still had persistent opponents.

It was a well umpired game played in good spirits yet healthy opposition; very much appreciated by spectators.

For his Anzac spirit of determination, guts and support for mates Casey Carr was justly awarded the Anzac Medal.

In a team with no passengers, Jolly, X. Watson, Murnane and M. and S. Crettenden rated highly for the Eagles.

Never ever giving up L. Brown did everything and more that was asked of him for the Roos, Wright and Glover never once dropped their heads and Northcott gave dash in forward thrusts.

Drive from Morton and L. Heath rounded out the Roos' best.

Eyre United 4-2 (26) def by Tumby Bay 13-23 (101)

It was a glorious day for footy, and Tumby were quick to stamp their mark on the game with Jackson Murphy kicking the first major for the match.

As the quarter wore on the Saints fought hard and had a couple of goals themselves.

Eyre United's Tom Forrest stopped many of Tumby's forward entries, but Tumby still managed to just have the upper hand at the first break.

The second quarter Tumby should have put the game well beyond the Saints but they kicked nine behinds before they kicked their first of three majors, while the Saints only managed one.

The remainder of the match was pretty even, but Tumby's Jordan Hind was a bit too much of a handful for the Saints and was the difference to giving Tumby the slight advantage each quarter.

The move of Nigel James to the forward lines also proved a winner, kicking six goals.

Cougars 6-7 (43) def by Ramblers 10-11-71

A good crowd gathered at Cummins to see old rivals clash in perfect conditions.

Cougars were without Paech, Konitzka, J. Cragg-Sapsford and Moroney while Shirley was absent for Ramblers.

The first 10 minutes were scrambly and intense with many turnovers and skill errors.

The game settled a little with big Cragg-Sapsford dominating the ruck but Cougars were unable to capitalise.

Both teams burnt opportunities but Ramblers broke through first, J. Haarsma goaling to give Ramblers an early edge.

Constant Cougar attacks broke down with poor delivery only to be repelled by J. Pedler.

A late goal to Monfries kept Cougars in touch at quarter time, 3-5 to 1-0.

The second quarter saw Cougars attack to find Monfries for his second after a strong mark.

The game was an untidy, scrappy event with little clean, good ball movement. Cougars scored again through Monfries for his third to level the game.

Ramblers finally scored at the 20 minute mark, a behind, as the struggle continued leading into half time. Ramblers 3-5 to Cougars 3-1.

It was as if a new game started after half time - Ramblers with superior ball handling and use, scoring six goals to nil.

Richardson proved that making good position and accurate kicking is what good forwards need to do and kicked four for the quarter.

The Haarsma boys, G. Pedler, Rule and Mickan all showed clean hands and hard running is the key to quick scoring.

In defence J. Pedler, Ford, and Dennis repelled Cougars attacks to keep them goalless for the quarter.

With a seven goal lead Ramblers pushed G. Pedler and S. Blacker into defence to sure up the last line.

Cougars finally moved Hazelgrove from half back to the centre with immediate results.

A great solo effort from him for a goal and a couple of others closed the margin slightly but it was too little too late. They battled manfully but skill errors and bad delivery must be addressed if they are to improve.

Ramblers won through better conversion and cleaner ball movement.

Best for Ramblers: J. Haarsma whose work rate and gut running was too much for the Cougar boys, J. Pedler controlled half back and J. Richardson kicked seven goals in a polished display of accurate kicking.

For Cougars D. Cragg-Sapsford dominated the hit outs, Monfries was good up forward and Hazelgrove showed patches of brilliance.

Scribe votes: J. Haarsma 3, J. Pedler 2, Richardson 1.