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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Plane pollution

For a decade or so, the Gun Club Beach has been a special place for me, a quiet place to walk the dogs in the evening and reflect on the events of the day.

Many others walk this peaceful beach to rehabilitate from injuries, to connect with friends and lovers, to grieve for lost friends or relationships.

Families with young children and grey nomads passing through camp here, birdwatchers lurk in the bushes, and anglers stand waist deep in the shallow waters in quest of small fish.

It's a very special place where you can see enormous Todd River Mullet leap well clear of the water; spot the wingtips of small rays breaking the surface of the water; hear the cries of tiny shorebirds rushing along the water's edge.

If you're really lucky, you'll be closely inspected by a white-bellied sea-eagle.

Yes, it's a haven for birds where you'll also encounter large populations of black swans, Cape Barren geese, pied and sooty oyster catchers, pelicans, ibis and heron.

It's a nursery for bird life and fish. An important wetland.

But now, our special place has become a nasty, noisy place with low flying aircraft drowning out your thoughts every few minutes.

The pilots repeatedly practice circuits that trace the shoreline, too ignorant to respect the rights of peaceful users of the beach below.

Amazingly, our own district council is encouraging this.

They want to make it permanent.

They've even signed a non-disclosure agreement to avoid consultation with the community.

It's awful, it's unethical and an absolute disgrace.

For the record, I do not consent.


North Shields

Tuna quota disgrace

It is a disgrace that the article 'Tuna quotas wanted back' (Port Lincoln Times, April 16) tells the story quite accurately.

The confiscation of 250 tonnes of international tuna quota from the rightful owners, the tuna industry of Australia, is at best outrageous and for all intents and purposes hallmarks the part nationalisation of our industry sector.

It is unbelievable that such mismanagement is allowed to happen from a party that is supposed to be free enterprise and anti-socialist.

Facts however show that the opposite is true.

Federal Liberal Senator from South Australia Anne Ruston's decision to support the Victorian Liberals to protect the marginal seats in the recent state election ended in disaster.

It will have the same affect at the next federal election.

You cannot rob Peter to pay Paul!

Her mismanagement will have dire consequences contributing to a Liberal loss, courtesy of Senator Anne Ruston.

When you go to the polls, be diligent, think carefully who you are going to support.

It seems the Liberals do not care for the fishing industry jobs and South Australia.

It is time industry takes a stand.

If you do not, we will not have a fishing industry, full stop.

Nationalisation, or any attempt to go down that path will be detrimental for all of us, South Australia, infrastructure, export incomes and above all jobs.


Port Lincoln

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