Wayback fight to the front

GRAB: Wayback's Josh Scharenberg takes a mark ahead of Boston's Mitchell Garrett.

GRAB: Wayback's Josh Scharenberg takes a mark ahead of Boston's Mitchell Garrett.

Port Lincoln football


Wayback 18-21 (129) def Boston 8-4 (52)

Centenary oval was the setting for the match between Wayback and Boston.

Wearing their new predominantly yellow away guernsey, Boston showed they will be very competitive in 2019, however the more experienced Wayback side prevailed to win by 77 points.

Wayback started the game brightly, controlling the ball around the stoppages, giving their forwards plenty of opportunities.

Goal kicking was the issue though.

The Demons peppered the goals but could only manage behinds to score 2-12 for the quarter.

In contrast the Tigers were making their opportunities count kicking two goals also in the quarter, one an excellent front and square crumbing goal to Riley King that had the Tiger faithful cheering loudly.

Mitch Hall was an impressive player throughout the quarter, making several crucial defensive plays to thwart the demon advances.

Wayback continued to be wasteful up forward whilst Boston continued to make use of their opportunities.

Sunny Singh was a focal point up forward proving to be a real thorn in the Wayback side.

Boston did hit the lead mid way through the second term.

Wayback moved Sampson and the impressive Scharenberg up forward to good effect midway through the term.

Sampson goaled and proved a tough match up for the Tigers in defence.

Wayback steadied to lead by 11 points at the half.

The more experienced Wayback players started to control the ball in the third quarter with the Maxfield brothers and Tom Easson starting to dominate.

Kicking for goal improved and the score started to steadily balloon out throughout the quarter.

Riley King kicked another to keep Boston with a sniff late in the quarter.

The final margin did not really tell the whole picture of the match.

Boston's intensity around the ball was very good all day.

They were best served by Jack Jacobs, Aaron Dunn and up and coming young star Jack Nicholls.

Riley King's three goals were also very handy.

Wayback's best included new player Josh Scharenberg, Tom Easson and Greg Maxfield along with the impressive young ruckman Riley Hatcher.

Wayback's next game will be against Marble Range out at Wangary whist the Tigers head back to Poole Oval to play Mallee Park.

Tasman 9-7 (61) def Marble Range 8-5 (53)

A huge crowd gathered at Ravendale Oval Saturday night to witness the game between Tasman and Marble Range.

The Black and Whites were missing Reece Francis but would have been relieved to have Beard and Kay available for the clash.

The Roosters were missing Frost, James and Beinke.

In perfect conditions the first quarter was a torrid affair with bodies being thrown at every contest.

Respective forwards Keeley and Wagner were both up and about early presenting opportunities.

Kelsh in the centre had a great duel with Jake Sellen with the former showing poise and class.

At quarter time the scores were Tasman 2-2 (14) to Rangers 0-2 (2).

The second quarter was a mirror image of the first with the pace showing no signs of slackening.

Laube and C. Beard rotated off the bench to provide the bigger bodies into the contests for Rangers and first gamer Billy Haebich received a huge roar from the Red and White crowd when he got his first touch.

At 55kg this young man certainly bats above his weight, with Masters playing his first game in the guernsey for five years.

Rangers' new comer Jennings showed why he is rated so highly showing pin point accuracy in delivering the ball forward.

Scores at half time Tasman 4-4 (28) to Rangers 1-4 (10)

The third quarter saw Tasman open the game up a bit with Brandon Rosalia and Daniels getting amongst the goal scorers.

Kory Beard racked up possessions defensively and though the middle but the defensive work of Rodda and Craig Reinke kept Rangers to just a single goal for the quarter.

Joseph Burgoyne's pace around the ground was starting to take effect as was that of Boyd West.

Haebich kicked his first goal much to the delight of the home side and with the scores 8-5 to 2-4 at three-quarter time the Roosters looked home.

But Rangers (as all good sides do) lifted and played on at all costs in the final stanza.

They had dropped a second player back onto Wagner and with captain Jake Rodda off and Kelsh tiring the momentum started to shift.

The first two goals to the Rangers saw them shift up a gear with Billy Byass proving how dangerous he can be combining with Kelley who started racking up possessions.

As the game got tight Boyd McCurry and Del Miller physically threw themselves at every contest and an epic battle ensued with Taman just getting over the line 9-7 (61) to 8-5 (53).

Best: Tasman: Kelsh, Wagner, Mason, Rodd, McCurry, Miller; Marble Range: Keeley, Jennings, Beard, West, Burgoyne, Byass.