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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Colour Tumby benefits

Colour Tumby in the last couple of weeks saw many people in the town, and behind the scenes there was obviously a lot of organisation and work going leading up to the event and the committee of progress is to be congratulated.

The ongoing benefits of the positive advertising for Tumby will be seen into the future.

Respectfully, decisions at club levels should be respected by organisers.


Tumby Bay

Worsening water woes

In response to the Millenium Drought, former Liberal prime minister John Howard and former Labor premier Mike Rann set a good precedent in collaborating to establish the Adelaide Desalination plant.

Security of water supply to the metropolitan area of SA was guaranteed by that investment.

However no such action was taken to assure water supply to regional South Australia.

With the onset of the Millenium Drought two, the water woes across the electorate of Grey have continued to worsen.

On Eyre Peninsula the Tod Reservoir catchment system has been decommissioned.

The Polda Pumping station is not used as the Polda Basin has been exhausted.

Pumping continues from the southern Eyre Peninsula basins known to be in long term decline.

Although the issues have been known for decades, the responses by water authorities and governments have been inappropriate.

They have built a pipeline from Iron Knob to Kimba to enable water extracted from the River Murray at Morgan to be pumped to Eyre Peninsula.

The catastrophic plight of the Murray Darling system highlights the unsustainability of this practice.

The recently spruiked proposal by SA Water to add a small desalination plant at the southern extremity of the Eyre Peninsula network is too little too late.

A major desalination plant is required on the west coast, near Tungketta Hill where the high wind resource is available to power it.

Using it for basin recharge and reactivating the Polda Pump station to feed trunk mains north, west and via Kimba and further east can eliminate reliance of Eyre Peninsula and some of the Upper North region on the River Murray and also reduce demands on the southern Eyre Peninsula basins.

Liberal and Labor power brokers have failed again and again to tackle regional water supply issues with vision, conviction and commitment.

The regions deserve better.

The time for a change away from the Liberal/Labor political mix in our parliament is now.


Whyalla Norrie

Truck free days

With the imminent closing of the railway at Cummins one can only hope there will be truck free days, at least several a week.

Or will there be a spate of deaths before action is taken?

Genny Secker


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