Wayback march to victory


Wayback 62 def St Mary's 31

St Mary's filled a full team whilst Wayback were missing Bri Gray so the game was set up to be a real battle and opportunity to watch plenty of the young talent on display.

The game began with both teams scoring off their centre passes and from there the game was tight with everyone giving their all.

St Mary's mid court zone was working well for them early with Maja Greenland, Lily McRostie, Twania Flavel and Talina Flavel applying plenty of pressure and creating turnovers with Georgia Cash at GA rewarding the efforts with accurate shooting.

Wayback continued to remain calm and patient to eventually work their way through the zone with Sophie Wilkshire, Yas Stewart and Emma Waters increasing their intensity and taking well earned intercepts that their goalers Mikaela Eatts and Ilka Stone rewarded with great shooting.

Wayback led 14 to 8 at quarter time.

At the break Wayback swapped Morgan McDonald to C, Brooke George to WD and introduced Ruby Orchard to WA.

St Mary's remained unchanged.

Whilst St Mary's continued to work hard Wayback's skill level, patience and accurate shooting saw them score 21 goals for the quarter and restrict St Mary's to seven to lead at half time 35 to 15.

After playing a great game on her 21st birthday Wilkshire was rested, Stewart shifted to GK and Emma Waters returned to the court at GD.

St Mary's made several changes to try and spark their team.

Greenland shifted to WA, Twania Flavel shifted to GD, Marni Clark moved from GS to GK and Tarlina Flavel took the WD bib.

St Mary's settled into the moves quickly with the beginning of the third quarter being quite even.

Cash worked her way back into the game and was shooting accurately.

As the quarter moved on Stewart and Waters began combining well in defence to create several hard earned intercepts set up by the tireless defensive work of George, McDonald, Orchard and Eatts in the centre court area.

St Mary's continued to work hard and showed good passages of play.

Wayback led at the last break and had pushed their lead out to 25.

At the break Waters and Stewart swapped bibs.

Wayback added a further 14 goals to the scoreboard through good teamwork, calm, skillful play with Stone and Eatts standing up tall and shooting accurately.

While St Mary's worked hard right to the end and will continue to be competitive at this level as the season progresses, Wayback ran out winners.

A great team effort by Wayback was the catalyst for their win with Eatts' and Stone's accurate shooting rewarding their teams full court defensive pressure.

St Mary's worked hard with Georgia Cash shooting accuracy being a highlight.

Imperials 36 def Souths 30

There were great match ups all over the court and from the first centre pass you could see both teams were ready to play some fantastic netball.

Imperials scored off their first centre pass through the accurate Mikaela Sawyer, who was teamed with GA Erika Lamont.

Souths were quick to respond and it was goal for goal for the first few centre passes.

Kyesha Vlassco and McKenna Reidy were working well together, Reidy knowing just where to put the ball for the strong Vlassco.

Jess Harris in GK was not making it easy, contesting majority of the balls being thrown in.

The heat was on at both ends with defenders working really hard to interrupt any flow either team had.

Hannah Barker and Anti Liddell were gobbling up any missed goals and any loose balls.

The quarter ended with Imperials up by two.

Souths had to make some changes in the second quarter with Vlassco coming off unwell and Gemma De la Salle went in to GS. Imperials remained unchanged.

Imperials picked up their defence with Simoan Hayman getting her hands to a few balls and Mel Semmler bringing the ball down with her strong drives onto the ring.

Lamont was presenting well in the goal ring which gave good feeding options.

The match up in the centre court was proving to be a highlight with Karli Sargent and Reidy going toe to toe.

Young Summer Pedersen in GA for Souths started to find her feet and the goal ring, backing herself and shooting some long bombs, ably assisted by De la Salle if any were missed.

Scores were tied heading into half time.

Heading into the second half Souths moved Reidy to WA and M'Hiret Otto into C and Imperials brought Semmler off, Hayman into WA and Jas Francis into WD.

The defence at both ends was making it hard for feeders to get the ball to the goalies.

Harris and Sam Hickman were working overtime making sure the goalies could not get into position.

Tammie Gudzenovs and Hayman were having a good battle, their pressure was making a difference.

Otto was working hard in defence against Sargent, blocking her off the ring so she could not get the position to feed in.

Due to the defensive pressure there were not many goals scored by either team.

Imperials led Souths by five going in to the last quarter.

The fourth quarter was going to come down to the team that remained settled and could finish off strong.

Lamont came off for Imperials and was replaced in goals by Semmler and Souths switched Reidy and Otto back.

A few bodies hit the ground as both teams were desperate to finish on top.

Pedersen and Reidy were starting to connect well and when Pedersen had front position the feeds were easier. For Pedersen's first A grade came in goals she was certainly impressive.

De la Salle was taking a few hits from the strong Harris and Hickman backed her GK up.

Francis clicked into another gear and her strong hands over Otto caused errors in passing.

Sawyer called an injury time late in fourth quarter and Lamont replaced her.

Souths started to put pressure on again in the ring but it was too late, Imperials coming away with the win.

Best: Souths: Hannah Barker, Anti Liddell and Tammie Gudzenovs; Imperials: Jess Harris, Sam Hickman and Karli Sargent.