Sharing parks something to be proud of

Local people know how great national parks are and we spend a lot of time visiting these places so it should come as no surprise that there is a growing focus to try and promote these areas to tourists as well.

Back in 2017 the Department for Environment and Water put out a call seeking expressions of interest in creating ecologically-sensitive tourism experiences in national parks.

And last week the department announced it is considering a low-impact proposal that includes glamping opportunities (in tents like the one pictured) at September Beach and Donington Beach campgrounds and the management of Donington Cottage.

Our parks have undergone changes in recent times, including the move to the online campsite booking system.

Like that, this proposal is likely to split opinions but having said that, there is lots to love about this idea.

The business putting forward the proposal is a local family-owned business based on the Eyre Peninsula which means they are likely to understand how precious the national park is to local people.

It is not a secret that Eyre Peninsula people feel a strong sense of ownership of their local national parks so hopefully that means we can give this idea a fair go so more people can see just how great our parks are.

Wild life and nature based tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of the tourism industry so it makes sense to try and take advantage of the growth in a sustainable and fair way.

National parks have basically lay dormant except for the grey nomads and the locals but this strategy will promote them to the world.

The proposal is modest and leaves plenty of room for local campers to go about using the parks as they always have while setting aside a little bit of room to share them with visitors.

As long as the developments are sustainable and gentle, there is no reason why we should not be supporting more diverse uses of national parks.

National parks are also home to some of our most stunning landscapes and beaches and that is something we should all feel proud to be sharing with the world.