Smooth riding at Marble View hunt

With chrysanthemums pinned to jacket lapels to celebrate Mother's Day, master Tarnya Branson greeted the field and an array of spectators on a sunny Sunday afternoon at the beautiful run of Marble View.

Deputy master Alison Turnbull was thrilled to join Branson up front and her mount Archy did not miss a beat.

The leaders kept a smooth flowing tempo which all enjoyed throughout the day and were often joined by Deb Henderson on Midge to form an impressive section three.

The Manthorpe sisters had a blast as we welcomed Kahla on Storm, home from America to join Emma on Stormy Bay and the duo rode in pairs over many of the jumps.

Emma scored well being field master as the duties were a breeze, even when joined by John's cows momentarily.

Striking Copper gave Scott Davey a magnificent hunt, the pair looked relaxed and content, sailing over jumps without a care in the world.

We welcomed back Leon Hurrell on board his exciting mount Bright Eyes NZ.

Having started the day jumping singularly the combination, when paired up with Davey, was especially distinguished.

Juniors Issy Blackshaw and Emma Doudle had a hoot on Champ and Dancer.

A couple of jumps saw swift breaths inhaled by spectators as Dancer made sure Emma was keeping her concentration.

Jordan Branson was excited to spot a whopping healthy fox whilst enjoying photo shoot duties with Stacey Leech but unfortunately the field were not in sight.

Thanks to Terry Blackshaw for so willingly traversing the pipeline and fixing the tyre jump en route.

Catherine Southam was beaming aboard her big mount Wilson who was extremely mellow and enabled her to enjoy Mother's Day with three generations present as Catherine's mum Bernadette Southam and grandmother Theresa Dunn watched amongst the car followers.

The car followers were spoilt on the way home witnessing a continuous line of near perfect pair hunters and the occasional section three.

There were no unlawful dismounts, although the master issued the odd fine as numerous riders passed her throughout the day, particularly Turnbull who's eager mount Branson saw the rump of many times.

At the end of the day when Branson had dismissed the field, horses were taken care of and riders warmed up with a delicious soup and afternoon tea.

Branson thanked everyone for their attendance and made special mention of her borrowed mount Appy, who was the perfect gentleman on Mother's Day.

Hunting continues this week at Pankala, 20kms north of Arno Bay on Sunday at 1pm.

Time to get those steeds fit for the upcoming state hunt, an attractive run for riders and spectators alike.

For more information find the Southern Eyre Hunt Club's Facebook page, Tally Ho!