Port Lincoln becomes first country area in SA to have a pinkbox

Port Lincoln is the first place in country South Australia to have a pinkbox vending machine installed to ensure women in the community, no matter what their circumstances, can access sanitary supplies for free.

It dispenses free period packs that contain six tampons and two pads, and adds to the local Red Cross (RC) initiative Red Care Packs that provide free sanitary supplies at more than 20 locations in the region.

Employee Foundation (EF) executive officer Vicki Shearer said it was the foundations first sponsor of a pinkbox after it raised $10,000 for it last year.

"We approached Share the Dignity and asked where the greatest need was, and said where ever you think it is needed first put it there," she said.

"The local (SA Power Network) depot has been very supportive, they donate to the foundation from their pay every fortnight."

The machine is located at the Edinburgh Street RC office and was made possible by the collaboration of the RC, EF and SA Power.