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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Better to be safe

Recently night my ute was stolen from just outside my window.

A full tank of fuel, beer in the fridge and a lot of money in the console, they hit the jackpot.

I would like to thank all the police who had anything to do with apprehending these criminals and returning my car to me.

My reason for writing this is to remind all country town residents that it could happen to you.

You see I left my keys on the floor and even though my intention was to put it in the garage after my wife left for work, that short trusting period of time before I walked out to put it away, created a huge problem for the police.

So to all country town people, it can happen to you.

Don't be a mug like me lock up and take your keys and help the police by not making it easy for these criminals.

Thank you John Randall and colleagues.



At a loss

The future of our Eyre Peninsula (EP) railway is very bleak if we allow Liberal and Labor politicians and their Adelaide consultants and advisers to persist with decision making based on erroneous economic logic about road and rail transport.

Currently they virtually ignore the major differences in energy efficiency, economics of operation and maintenance, noise and emissions and public safety associated with the two modes of bulk commodity transport.

They fail to acknowledge the overall supremacy of rail for long haul high tonnage transport of grain, when complemented by short haul road transport from paddock to silos/bunkers and from silos/bunkers to rail head loading points.

They react about roadworks instead of engaging in strategic planning to induce uptake of rail transport of all of the grain and some other bulk commodities to and from Port Lincoln.

They use arguments that are contradictory and inconsistent.

On one hand they have found hundreds of millions of dollars to bring forward a major upgrade of the rail from Tarcoola to Adelaide, ostensibly to encourage miners.

On the other hand they will not find a hundred and fifty million dollars to reinstate and upgrade EP rail to encourage farmers, graziers and potentially tourists.

They are also promising many hundreds of millions for tramway extensions and various rail projects in and around Adelaide.

The justification they present is a need to ease traffic congestion and address road safety issues.

However this logic is not applied in relation to foreshadowed very large increases in road train traffic on main rural roads and through the streets of Port Lincoln and other EP towns if rail transport of grain ceases.

For improved safety on our roads and streets, for less adverse environmental impacts, for more efficient and less expensive transport operations, the Eyre Peninsula rail network should be reinstated and upgraded as soon as possible.

For realisation of new economic opportunities for Eyre Peninsula farming, grazing, tourism and more, it should be connected to the national standard gauge network at Whyalla via a rail link from Kimba through the Sinclair Gap in the Middleback Ranges.

Liberal and Labor powerbrokers have not met the challenge so what are we to do?



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