Council looks to reduce speed on Bruce Terrace

The Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council is considering changing the speed limit along Bruce Terrace in Cummins from 50 kilometres per hour to 40 km/h permanently in anticipation of the end to rail freight.

The council decided at its meeting on Friday to apply to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) for a 40 km/h speed limit to be introduced on Bruce Terrace as soon as possible after the closure of the railway on May 31 for all vehicles.

Initially the recommendation was for only heavy vehicles to be subject to the 40 km/h speed limit all year, but after discussion the council decided on proposing it for all vehicles to avoid confusion.

Mayor Jo-Anne Quigley said the proposed 40 km/h speed limit for only heavy vehicles all year but for all vehicles during harvest could be confusing to residents.

Council's works manager Gary Jutzen agreed and said it may be confusing, but signage could be made to enforce that and talks could be had with heavy vehicle operators to inform them of the changes.

Mr Jutzen said if the council wanted to extend the 40 km/h limit throughout the year to all vehicles, it would, in his opinion, require public consultation.

"The works manager is aware of other approvals extending more than one year, however, it is not certain how a permanent approval will be considered by the DPTI," he said.

"In the opinion of the works manager, a speed limit of 50km/h for a heavy vehicle through Bruce Terrace is not desirable at any time of the year."

In previous years the 40 km/h speed limit was only applied during the harvest season but with the upcoming railway closure and the reality of more road trains passing through the township it was proposed the limit be implemented all year for pedestrian and road safety.

The end of rail freight could mean an additional 77 trucks per day along the Tod Highway and an extra 28,000 return truck movements per year passing through Cummins.