Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Letters courtesy of students from Ceduna Area School. More to be published in future editions.

No drilling in the Bight

If Equinor can't guarantee there will not be an oil spill during this process the drilling should not be allowed!

The drilling is a very risky process as it puts many things in danger.

Any oil spill will result in damage to sea and land animals as well as our beaches and cause a mess to industry.

There are so many other alternatives to solve this problem.

To begin with, Equinor obviously cannot provide a guarantee that there will definitely not be an oil spill, as they would have done so by now.

If an oil spill does occur, it will cause major damage, a perfect example being the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon platform in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

This resulted in 53,000 barrels a day leaking into the ocean for three months before it stopped.

This caused death to 82,000 birds, 25,900 underwater creatures, 6000 sea turtles and an uncountable amount of fish and caused long-term damage to the surrounding area. Therefore, the drilling should not happen.

Secondly, with so many other solutions to this problem why do we have to choose the riskiest one?

Other reliable alternatives such as solar energy, wind power, nuclear power and electrical vehicles will advantage us as much as oil.

These solutions are less dangerous as they will not harm the environment and will still give us what we need. It seems to me there is no need for the drilling if these other alternatives can be used.

Finally, yet importantly, the younger generation's future will be put at risk if this goes ahead.

Our advantages today will no longer occur in the future; the beaches we love will be damaged, the sea animals will decrease which will affect fishing industries, tourists, less meals at our local hotel and reduce numbers at our caravan park, as we are well known for our delicious seafood.

In conclusion, I ask those who make the final decision to take time out to read this and take into consideration the reasons that I have stated.

The Great Australian Bight is home to many and the impact of any spill will have many negative effects.

More thought and consideration towards this project is needed, once the damage is done, it's done.


Ceduna Area School

Drilling can be done

Due to Australia's population needing to increase and grow we need to provide more fuel and resources so our industry and society can keep functioning to certain levels.

We currently have 1238 oil wells plus, all working and operating safely internationally.

Drilling in the Bight can be done safely, increasing funds, providing fuel for the future and providing employment.

These facts have proven it is clear that drilling in the Bight can and should proceed.

Firstly, the country's funds will increase and add to Australia's resources for industry, farming, fishing and also other uses like building, repairing and maintaining properties that needed and could become beneficial for our growing population.

Secondly, it provides employment as all 1238 oil wells are operating around the world and they are being mined with minimal risk.

The methods and way they are used by workers today are to a much higher standard than past years, with no oil spill since 2010.

Workers are now using strict guide lines in their contracts.

As they also have specific means of dealing with any danger of spills, the chances of an oil spilling is unlikely.

Thirdly mining in the Bight will help Australia gain fuel and more resources from the mining of oil.

Gaining more and more resources will assist in making our country more independent and less reliant on other countries.

People who oppose drilling in the Bight argue that the risks are too dangerous.

Right now there are 1235 plus oil wells operating safely and professionally internationally, the last oil spill being nine years ago.

Today operators have adjusted and made their work much safer and stricter, and technology today is greatly more advanced.

Each operator is required to have a detailed plan in case of an emergency, so any damage will be minimal. Drilling is being done safely and can be done so in the Bight.

As I stated in the introduction, drilling in the Great Australian Bight is a safe operation, which can further Australia's fuel need and will lead to employment growth. This is why we should drill in the Bight.


Ceduna Area School

Big mistake

That was the biggest mistake that happened in 1975, that the former premier Don Dunstan did to sell the South Australian (railway) up.

Who owned the railways since?

The railways have served Eyre Peninsula well for many years.

That was the biggest mistake when they did away with the passenger carriages.


Port Lincoln

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