Cummins adopts re-use initiative Boomerang Bags

The Cummins Community has taken a recycling initiative into its own hands by combining donated materials and sewing to create environmentally friendly re-usable bags for the town.

The local initiative of Boomerang Bags was inspired by the program in Queensland where a group of concerned community members birthed the idea.

The hint is in the name Boomerang Bags, as they are placed in the Cummins IGA for everyone in the community to use and return as they please.

Community members Kirsty Fox and Cathy Ford made the decision to try and replicate the project in Cummins a couple of years ago.

Local sewer and a member of the project group Leanne Vigar said since the initiative started the group has made a couple of hundred bags to place in the community.

"The idea was to place them at the IGA for people to borrow them and bring them back," she said.

"There is not many left so I think people really like the bags."

She said many people had been involved in the project from life long sewers to beginners since it began.

Ms Vigar said the group hosted sewing evenings and packaging days, as the packages gave people the materials to sew a bag in their own homes.

"There is no reason other communities couldn't take it on," Ms Vigar said.

"It is building friendship groups and you're sewing for a good cause.

"It's reducing plastics and it's promoting re-use also."

Ms Vigar thanked the Cummins Op Shop for keeping appropriate materials and the Cummins Stitches group for allowing them to use their room and equipment.

Each bag is made out of re-used material from table cloths, quilt covers, sheets and pillow slips before the localised logo is screen printed onto it.

Cummins Area School year 6 student Raena Pool began sewing about three years ago before she found the Boomerang Bag group recently at a sewing evening.

"It is exciting to see a bag of your own out in the community," she said.

The 11-year-old encouraged others to join the group and help sew a bag as she said it was a worth while experience.

Anyone interested in helping out or donating materials to be re-used can visit the Cummins War on Waste Facebook Page.