Port Lincoln City Council take over the leisure centre expansion

The Port Lincoln City Council has taken over the final stage of the $9.41 million leisure centre expansion to ensure it gets finished after the Adelaide company leading the project went into liquidation in April.

The council and local subcontractors discovered in early April that the Adelaide contractor Unique Urban Built (UUB) that led the project had gone into liquidation.

The council terminated its contract with the appointed liquidator PKF Adelaide on May 14 and will use local subcontractors contracted by UUB to finish the project by the end of September.

Council chief executive officer Stephen Rufus said minor works began on May 20, with major work expected to begin next Monday.

He said he met with subcontractors on April 17 to discuss the liquidation process and the council's intentions to take over the project.

"I have held discussions direct with a number of the local subcontractors to assist with their transition to the revised arrangements and to provide additional support with the liquidation proceedings," he said.

"During these discussions, further assistance has been offered with regard to their general wellbeing as this has been a stressful time."

A final figure of the cost to the council has not been given but Mr Rufus said the project's budget would be reassessed once the value of the subcontractor contracts held with UUB were known.

He said the council would ensure it did not pick up any work double ups at the site if it had been completed.

"By the end of June we should have more financial information to provide."

As part of the take over the council paid $4959 for insurance to cover material damages up to $3.21 million and public liability up to $20 million.

To manage the project the council appointed Simon Cunningham, a previous employee of UUB, to be the site manager.

Mr Rufus said Mr Cunningham had a good rapport with the subcontractors and his appointment was supported by them.

Jason Stephenson, from J and L Stephenson Building and Design, will take on the construction manager role until the expected September completion of the project.

"(He) has been appointed...due to his knowledge of the project and his prior engagement by UUB performing works not unrelated to the role required by council," Mr Rufus said.