Steady leadership not a secure future

Graham Mantle

Graham Mantle

The election is over, the results are in, the future is clear - steady as we go, no change.

Rowan Ramsey is to be congratulated on being elected for the fifth time and indeed, respected.

He covers the 904,881 square kilometres of the electoral division of Grey, visiting towns, communities, farms and stations when parliament is not sitting.

Grey comprises 92 per cent of South Australia, geographically.

It is bigger in area than New South Wales and includes four cities.

It is not the largest electoral division in Australia.

That honour belongs to Durack 1,629,858 square kilometres in Western Australia and Lingiari 1,358,158 square kilometres in the Northern Territory.

You would think that might carry considerable clout.

Yet I suspect that those larger electorates are held in even less political regard than Grey is.

I watched the coverage of the election on the Saturday night and I was interested to know what was happening in our neck of the woods.

Grey did not get a mention until 10.30pm when it was casually announced that Grey was still a very safe LNP seat.

The division of Grey has but one hard working MP representing us in the federal parliament and there are nine federal MPs to represent the other 8 per cent of South Australia.

Of course, representation is based on population rather than area but it does feed into the notion that government concern ends at Gepps Cross.

It really did seem that nobody was interested in Grey...92 per cent of South Australia was taken for granted.

We who live in Grey know that our fishing industry is likely to be put at risk from oil drilling and our clean green agriculture and wine reputation may succumb to a nuclear dump.

An area of 92 per cent of SA counts for little and one vote in federal parliament leave us without much confidence.