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A grade football

Lock 8.5.53 def by Cummins Kapinnie 11.19.85

In an entertaining match, with both sides winning two of the four quarters, Cummins Kapinnie Cougars ean out winners by 32 points over the Lock Roos.

Sporting the Port Adelaide disease, the Roos forgot to turn up for the first quarter and Cougars took full advantage.

With ten players under 21 years old, the young guns of Gale, Dobbins and Burns aided by the return of last years medallist Paech, Konitzka and Hazelgrove led the charge and ran non stop for twelve scoring shots to net themselves 5.7 for the quarter to the Roos' solitary point.

L Brown and K Tiller were the two desperate Roos that acquitted themselves well for the quarter.

The coach obviously had an affect as a more cohesive Roos team took to the field for the rest of the game, and after several points to both sides Heath was able to bring up the first Roo major.

Glover, Morton and Sellen were on the run for the Roos, aided by the Browns and the Northcotts lurking at the goal front.

Gale and Jay Green were stalwart defence for Cougars with Hazelgrove, Scott and Paech providing the dash.

Half time score was 3.4 to 6.11.

In another very even quarter, hard contests and swift ball passage saw Cougars with two quick majors through clever thinking from Jay Green, Paech and Hazelgrove.

The youngsters were backing themselves and taking on opponents with support from their senior players.

Young Glover for the Roos continues his forward thinking (after a full game of reserves).

Heath and Slape were using their height to assist playmaking.

L Brown and Sellen continued to shine for the Roos.

The score was 6.4 to 11.14 at the final break.

In a very low scoring last quarter the Roos were able to claim victory for the quarter through majors to L Brown and Northcott while luckily for the Roos, Cougars had lost sight of the big sticks to the tune of five points.

Jay Green had an outstanding day with Konitzka, Hazelgrove, Gale, Paech and Scott the other stars for this futuristic team.

Kane Tiller's ability to bring the ball to ground constantly in defence had him heading the Roos' best, with L Brown continuing his sterling season.

Sellen, Morton and B Northcott all served their Roos team well.

Sylvy Dolphin

A reserves netball

Lock 36 def by Cougars 44

Lock hosted Cougars for the first game in the second round in what turned out to be a well fought out game.

The first quarter was very well contested, with even play through the centre court with both end players attacking every ball.

Both teams were playing well with quick movement down the court from both sides.

Cougars were strong in their attack end making the Lock defenders Tuohy and Williams work hard.

It was a close quarter; Lock 10 to Cougars 11.

The second quarter was played out like the first.

The movement in both circles was extremely tight.

Lock goalies Kelsey Hurrell and Belinda Heath combined and moved well with Cougars defenders Belinda-Jane Moroney and Cherie Bascomb going for every ball, rebounding any missed goals.

Cougars' wing attack Hana Green made herself available down the court taking some nice intercepts in the attacking third defended closely by Lock wing defence Emily Arbon.

Lock wing attack Sophie Kraehe and Cougars wing defence Rebecca Rynne played hard against each other.

Scores were level at half time, 21 goals each.

Lock started off the quarter with Williams in goal keeper taking a great intercept sending the ball straight to the other end enabling Lock to score the first two goals.

Lock centre Haylee Pearce driving down the centre court well attacking and defending every ball.

There was lots of fast play by both teams, and Cougars defenders started putting on the pressure, their goalies Emily Miller and Lisa Rodgers worked the ring well, shooting accurately.

Lock was at 29 to Cougars 33 at the final break.

The last quarter saw Cougars tighten up their defensive play.

Lock, feeling the pressure, started to miss their goals.

Cougars defenders took advantage of this and were quick to send the ball back to their goal end where goal shooter Emily Miller was holding well in the ring, Cougars centre Ellen Taylor placing the ball to the space well.

Meryl Weetra


A Reserves - Lock 36 - Cougars 44 - Incentives - Lock - Ciara Williams, Cougars - Hana Green

B Grade - Lock 31 - Cougars 63 - Incentives - Lock - Hayley Wiseman, Cougars - Jorja Buddle

B Reserves - Lock 36 - Cougars 60 - Incentives - Lock - Kaytlin Northcott, Cougars - Sadie Fuss

E Grade - Lock 36 - Cougars 27 - Incentives - Lock - Ruby Arbon, Cougars - Thyra Myers

E Reserves - Lock 3 - Cougars 16 - Incentives - Lock - Lily Saler, Cougars - Taya Black

Joeys -Incentives - Lock - Lani Gray, Cougars - Whole Team

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