What's hot this winter | Trending

 Fashion blogger Nina Suess at 2019 London Fashion Week.
Fashion blogger Nina Suess at 2019 London Fashion Week.

Pops of colour, perennial loves and old favourites reinvented. Here's a collection of this winter's hottest trends.

Touches of emerald. Evie three-seater sofa, $2599. Various shades of green are successively making their way onto must-have lists, with emerald green the current fave. Incorporate it into your decor or outfit, or both. zanui.com.au

Padded headband. Navy velvet headband, $45. Hark back to the 1990s with an ornate headband. Velvet is a favourite, while others are embellished with costume jewels or pearls. pixiespix.com.au

Teddy coats and jackets. Teddy trucker jacket, $139.95. A cuddle-worthy coat if ever there was one, teddy coats and jackets have only increased in popularity since hitting the racks in autumn. sportsgirl.com.au

Leopard print. Boomer boots, $289.90. Which animal print you opt to wear depends on your taste, but fashionistas are certainly spoiled for choice this season. merchant1948.com.au

Hyaluronic acid. Youth To The People Superberry Hydrate and Glow Dream Mask, $64. Hyaluronic acid is the current beauty obsession, able to help with numerous common skin issues. This overnight mask is packed with mega-hydrators - including hyaluronic acid - and infused with antioxidant-rich superberries. sephora.com.au

Mustard yellow. Belted waterfall coat, $50. The best way to brighten a dreary day, splashes of this sunny hue can be found in wardrobes and homewares stores everywhere. au.boohoo.com

Trainers worn with anything. Seles lace up sneakers, $230. Be it chunky or streamlined, wearing your runners from the track to the catwalk remains on trend. Wear them with skirts, dresses, even a suit if you think you can pull it off. mipiaci.com.au

Pared back make-up. Unisex Healthy Glow, $50. Letting your natural beauty shine through and not hiding it behind carefully crafted contouring is the way forward. charlottetilbury.com.au

Lush spaces. Kohler Dutchmaster rectangle basin in blush floral, $1999. Creating unique, Insta-worthy rooms in your own home is the dream, and easily achieved when there's fixtures such as this on the market. kohler.com.au

Oversized suiting. Lilac super oversized woven blazer, $68. Winter is all about layering - and this season, topping it all off with a boxy jacket or coat that is less about a sculpted shape and more about comfort. prettylittlething.com.au

Scandi blonde hair. Harper & Arlo shampoo and conditioner, $27.95 each. Now is the time to try this clean, fresh icy colour on your tresses. Keep the cool tones looking their best with this duo, infused with lavender extract and linseed oil. Available at Hairhouse Warehouse.

Fashion with function. Trench raincoat, $169. We expect a great deal from our clothes these days, and this raincoat delivers. Made from a luxurious waterproof material, it comes in two styles and various colours and patterns, and can be packed away into an attached pouch that fits in your bag. paqme.com.au

Boiler suit. Georgia jumpsuit, $199.95. The end result looks effortless, however quite a bit of styling is required to lift the boiler suit from its practical origins to high fashion. shop.guess.net.au

Indoor plants. Cork plant stand and banjo pot, $129. Plants the size of small trees are currently in vogue, however if your place won't fit something that size, a collection of smaller autotrophs will also look the part. capradesigns.com