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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Road funding miracle

No miracles happened on election night.

The result Australia delivered was the result of a lot of hard work by LNP workers, members, volunteers and committee folk.

So now they can apply themselves to the task, knock themselves out and reduce homelessness in this country, get the wage increases happening, develop a policy pathway that contributes to young people getting access to the housing market.

Any improvements in these areas would be a miracle but the election result was not. Eyre Peninsula is now in a good position to lobby both the federal and local members that represent our region and get some decent funding for road infrastructure because, as we all are well aware, the closure of the rail system is about to impact.

Federal funding would be appreciated and that would be a miracle.



Flight training disturbing

While Flight Training Adelaide is currently destroying our lives near the Port Lincoln Airport, I would like to advise other communities on Lower Eyre Peninsula that their lives will be affected too by FTA circuits, touch and go at their airports and navigation manoeuvres over homes, farms and national parks.

Spewing aviation fumes (lead) into our clean air.

Constant noise, or you never know when they will come to disturb your peace and quiet.

Want to know more? Ask your local Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council member.


Port Lincoln

Concerns not counted

It's not a matter of being apathetic to the upcoming rail closure (Port Lincoln Times, May 23), the point is we have learnt that our say matters not.

The ruling powers that be that make these decisions do so without respect or thought to anyone but themselves and how it can benefit them.

Most 'deals' are made under the table and we have very little say in what happens.

We have learnt living in Port Lincoln that SA finishes at Gepps Cross and anything west of that is of very little concern to the decisions made in Adelaide regarding Port Lincoln.

On one hand they are promoting rail east of Adelaide and yet when it comes to our 107-year-old, heritage listed railway no one cares.

Why should Viterra care? Why should the railway company care? They are not Australian owned and we are one mighty small cog in one huge wheel.

This is what happens when our government in their lack of wisdom decide to sell our infrastructure to overseas buyers. It's not about the people it's about profit.

If only someone could have stepped in and taken over the line and turned it into a tourist attraction which would have a lot more benefit for the region.


Port Lincoln

Pensioners can't keep up with rates

Isn't it great that age pensioners earn that much money that they can keep sustaining rate increases?

With suggested increase of 3.6 per cent and our latest age pension increase of 2.2 per cent you don't have to be a Rhodes Scholar to work out that the age pensioner is going backwards financially at a rapid rate.

Believe me a lot of aged pensioners would be better off joining the rental mob and getting government assistance rental than putting up with this financial burden through council's own mismanagement of monies.

The leisure centre saga is a typical example.


Port Lincoln