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Eastern Ranges 9.6.60 def by Kimba 11.11.77

How many times do we hear the cliche 'the scoreboard didn't really reflect the game' - well here it is again; the final scores - Kimba 11.11 (77) d Ranges 9.6 (60) didn't really reflect the game.

Ranges kicked the last two goals of the day to reduce the margin to a flattering 17 points, but I'm sure the casual observer would have guessed Kimba were a six or seven goal better side on the day.

Even Shannon Carter, replete in mid-winter attire (did Mary Leonard know you stole her garden gnome's beanie?) would vouch for that.

From the opening bounce both sides played some inspired football with precision foot skills and one grab possessions a feature of what looked like being 100 minutes of high class footy.

But like my early attempts at building tree houses - it all came crashing down.

Despite dominating general play Kimba were unable to convert it into multiple goals and at halftime they led just five goals to three in near perfect conditions for high scoring football.

Dion Woolford once again was a standout with his marking and trade mark long kicking from defence opening up opportunities further down field.

Ryley Maitland used his ever increasing disposal tally to 'lace' out Burger Fitzgerald (seven goals) on more than one occasion and Chooka Seal was ever dangerous close to goal.

Elliott 'Burger' Claxton was again rock solid in defence for Ranges, frustrating promising Kimba forward forays time and time again and in part he was the reason the scoreboard didn't reflect the game.

Ree Martin gives his all week in week out and dutifully stuck to the daunting task of manning the league's most dominant forward, picking up enough possessions of his own along the way to be among Ranges' best.

The Weiss twins are in great form and are well capable of the unexpected; I'd be very surprised if Jack is not the best tackler in the league.

And it's always great to watch Jack Kenny in full flight, great evasive skills and his crisp use of the ball by hand and foot ought to have caught the eye of the triumvirate of whistle blowing adjudicators - that's politically correct speak for "green maggots".

And I don't say that to be derogatory; in fact I think the "White Maggot" reference has almost evolved to being a term of endearment.

Despite some of the commentary that comes from the boundary, we all know we can't play without umpires, we all know umpires are fallible and we all know players too make mistakes - and lots of them if you cared to keep count.

The Ranges Senior Colts were again on top early with the scores wiped at half time.

A restart occurred followed an exchange of players to ensure everybody enjoyed a competitive game.

That early dominance was set up by some great ruck work from Tedd Weiss that was read with great effect by Jeddy 'Betts' Burton.

He was able to hit the ball at pace and knocked up centre clearance stats at will.

'Reg' Taheny was again high in the best player lists and his closing speed on a contest and sure hands will catch you unawares time and time again.

And then there was Billy 'Sniperfire' Collins' six point barrel - a goal for the ages that was well celebrated.

Mitch Yates, Bryce Cant and Kyle Chambers all played well for the Tigers and don't underestimate Jordan 'Tex' Zibell's ability to read the play - a few Ranges players were left scratching their heads in disbelief when she drifted across the pack, grabbed a nice mark and dashed away to finish off a great intercept/turnover.

The Junior Colts really did have to kick the dew off the oval - maybe they should wear towelling guernseys till quarter time.

Within two minutes it was one goal all - unheard of at this level previously, but perhaps not surprising seeing as Ranges managed to kick the wrong way, twice, from the opening bounce.

Kimba would go on to win the game 3.4 to 1.4 on the back of a BOG performance from Mac Seal who was terrific in trying conditions.

Daryl 'Scratch' Lovegrove

CONTEST: Wayne Piggott of Cowell and Caleb Prime of Ports battle for the ball.

CONTEST: Wayne Piggott of Cowell and Caleb Prime of Ports battle for the ball.

Ports 12.9.81 def Cowell 7.6.48

In the early games, an improving Cowell mini colts team were in front at three-quarter time but couldn't hang on for the win.

Cowell's colts team has also improved; they won the first quarter and played the game out without swapping guernseys.

Ports B grade coach, Rhys Cummings, conjured a team out of thin air, a very handy side that managed to get over the line.

If Rhys can get these guys on the park every week they will need to learn the song.

The A grade match started with ports kicking to the north with no wind advantage.

Ports had all of the play but failed to capitalise on the scoreboard.

Late in the quarter Cowell grabbed the lead before Ports evened the scores up just before quarter time, 1.1.7 each.

For Ports, Jake Turner and Jake Bammann transitioned well from juniors to A grade and are playing like they belong.

Zane Wykamp for Cowell was rucking and marking well all over the ground.

Ports started to get some reward for effort with Sid Masters marking strongly and bringing the ball to ground, bringing the small forwards into play with Tom Laas repeatedly tackling above his weight division.

Late in the quarter, Wayne Piggott went into the middle to try and get Cowell going.

Half time score was Ports 5.4.34 to Cowell 1.4.10.

Caleb Prime gets a kick away.

Caleb Prime gets a kick away.

In the third quarter Ports ran the ball the length of the ground for Masters' fourth goal of the game.

Cowell's Klay Smith looked dangerous all game and despite popping a finger, kicked two for the quarter.

A free and 25 metre penalty gave Cowell an easy goal and the game started to get heated.

Piggott, back to half-back, was rebounding well and Cowell won the quarter to put themselves within two goals; 6.6.42 to 4.6.30.

Cowell stayed in the game for the first half of the final quarter before Ports started to get some quality ball through the midfield, making hard work for the Cowell defence.

Ports kicked away with a six goal last quarter, a good effort with no-one on the bench at the end of the game

Final score was 12.9.81 to 7.6.48.

Better players for Ports were Masters, finishing with seven goals and Jake Turner who broke lines and used the ball well.

Mentions also to Brad Wake at full-back, Brett Bray and Ben Lienert in the middle and Daniel Gregory on the wing.

Better players for Cowell were Alec Klingberg and David Gray in the centre, Zane Wykamp rucking and Piggott everywhere as usual.

Klay Smith at centre half forward also played well, kicking four goals in the second half.

Good luck to all players selected for the Association this weekend.

Gavin Rehn

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