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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Trust lost in humanity

How easy is it to sign a document to terminate a railway line. Obviously this overseas company Viterra has done just this. They closed Riverland railway usage in 2015 and now Eyre Peninsula.

They have all the right to do this apparently with no government intervention. The federal and state Liberal governments apparently see the people of Eyre Peninsula as "the forgotten people" - that's not completely true - "the abandoned people of Eyre Peninsula".

Our political systems in Australia find the easy way out is just hand over to overseas multinational companies, the running of our silos, the railways, ports, Port Darwin, stations, properties, mining etcetera. It seems to me Australia is a "give away country". Where is the balance? The governments need to look at the future for their own families.

I came away from the Railway Station Museum holding back tears after finding the volunteers, most retired train drivers and workers for the railways shell-shocked at the reality of the railway system closing down the next day - a reality that the politicians have tunnel vision of, as the proven figures show it is far more viable to use the railways than the money going into roads infrastructure over long periods of time.

And this is not taking into account the danger factor to us, the people of Eyre Peninsula, their own families, the effect for safety of the driving tourist whom we rely on, a vital part of our sustainability.

We ask the question, why can't the state and federal governments make a priority of funding the safest infrastructure on EP?


Port Lincoln

Vandalism not condoned

The Lower Eyre Peninsula Airport Residents Association (LEPARA) would like to state categorically that we do not condone vandalism of any kind in regard to Flight Training Adelaide's (FTA) development proposal for Port Lincoln Airport.

LEPARA actions are focussed specifically around giving voice to community concern regarding the noise and health impacts of FTA's current activities and their planned expansion for a large-scale flight training development.

We do this primarily through corresponding directly with the Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council and other government and legal bodies, media outlets, social media and petitions; and by keeping our members informed. Our dealings with the public continue to be open and transparent and are intended to inform and to initiate genuine solutions to a problem that is tearing apart our LEP communities.

We do understand that many members of the Lower EP community are becoming increasingly frustrated with the council's refusal to respond to community concerns. Lower EP is a traditionally conservative area.

To see actions such as graffiti being used, gives an indication of just how frustrated those impacted are becoming. Members of our group have been subject to increasingly disturbing abuse, ridicule and intimidation simply for speaking up about their concerns for themselves and their children.

The decision made by the council is tearing apart a once harmonious region and it is driving a wedge between neighbouring council areas. This situation could have been avoided if the application development process had been transparent and the community had been invited to engage in the decision-making process before allowing FTA to begin its operations in our region.

LEPARA maintains its position that Port Lincoln Airport is not a suitable place for an industrial-scale commercial development that carries with it the same noise and health impacts as those causing such distress at Parafield Airport. We call on the council to initiate a genuine process of community engagement for affected residents and ratepayers.