Letters to the editor

More trucks will benefit govt bottom line

On one hand our government is blatantly revenue-raising using road safety as the excuse for hiking up speeding fines.

Yet the road death toll is rising alarmingly.

Then on the other, their inability to retain the Eyre Peninsula rail system to continue operating, means increased numbers of road tragedies is inevitable. (Not to mention the hospital overcrowding problem).

Could the real reason for failing to stop the rail closure be the financial windfall that will come the government's way?

Extra truck and trailer registration fees, more diesel fuel tax, license fees and every other taxable rort they can gain from having a greater number of trucks on the road.

We certainly live in the state of hypocrisy.



RAIL CLOSURE: One of the last trains to run before services ended at the end of May. Image: Clint Hemming

RAIL CLOSURE: One of the last trains to run before services ended at the end of May. Image: Clint Hemming

Keep stories relevant

I read with interest, the page 3 article headed 'Twins face serious charges' (Port Lincoln Times, May 28).

My interest was mainly trying to find any local relevance it may have. Nuh! None.

With ever reducing page numbers, the Port Lincoln Times must remain relevant if it is to survive.

A third of a page article on the second most important news page in the book that has no relevance to its readers certainly does nothing to keep its readers informed and entertained.


Port Lincoln

Quiet Australians have spoken

The adage 'there is more than one way to skin a cat' certainly applies when one considers whether to express their viewpoint on an issue or topic.

Having the ability to express an opinion has been an inalienable right in our free and democratic society, for centuries.

A hallmark of this right to free speech, has always been not only the privilege to express an opinion, but also the expectation to respect the viewpoint expressed by others, which may be diametrically opposed to the one which we hold.

These positions belong to the individual who expresses them and should not be interpreted as that of a group or organisation which they belong to, unless clearly stated that it is a representative perspective.

At present in our society, due to the actions of those who believe that their assumption is the only preferred option, many are choosing not to provide their actual stance on an issue.

Resorting to bullying, intimidation and personal abuse to silence those who hold a divergent viewpoint is highly offensive and disrespectful, and yet it is allowed to continue without challenge.

Mutual respect for others has been replaced by a belief that no-one else has the right to contradict their standpoint or convey an alternative viewpoint.

The conduct of vegans in entering farming properties, stealing livestock and affecting farmers' livelihoods is not only offensive and disrespectful, but also highly illegal, and yet one of the culprits was only fined $2.

Attempts to make 'quiet Australians' suppress their real attitude has had no impact on their true inner thoughts.

Opinion polls at the recent federal election, all predicted a victory for the opposition, even exit polls on the day, and yet the actual result was completely different and totally unexpected by the experts.

It would seem that providing an opinion is now a covert operation, if you wish to avoid acrimony and hate.

Silencing individuals does not prevent them from expressing their opinion and does not stop them from exercising their right to make a choice, it just changes the method which they use.

At last the 'silent majority' has spoken, without even uttering a word.