Do not wait to be the best you can

Life is full of surprises, one of my mother's was my arrival when she was 16 years old. A nine pound one ounce girl arrived on January 4 and she named me Simone. Back in 1974 it was an unusual name and it took a while for my dear Nan to get used to. I grew up in Corrimal and Albion Park in New South Wales along with Mum, Dad, my brother Wade and sister Danielle. Soon Wollongong was no longer big enough for me to explore so I moved to Canberra as a sales manager with a national retailer. There was a lot of travel around NSW but it was too cold and too far from the coast. After a year I went to Sydney with a similar role, city life was fast and I lived fast with it!

I suddenly decided to take 12 months off to travel Australia in a caravan. Free camping from state to state, living off the beach and hunting wild goat for dinner was a whole world away from reality. I was 27 and had no idea what was next. I was then lured to the Whitsundays in Queensland, where life was like a working holiday and what was going to be 12 months or so tallied up to more than 10 years due to amazing friendships, fishing tournaments, island hopping and meeting my husband Michael (better known as Bert). Settling into life and welcoming our son Clay after a year of marriage, we wanted to be closer to family, especially for Clay. So Port Lincoln it was, after much deliberation.

It was where my husband grew up, his family all resided there and offered the fishing and camping lifestyle we wanted. Work opportunities came quick. I worked at the Port Lincoln Times in sales for three years and for the the last 18 months now with local radio station Magic 899 and 765-5CC. Many say I'm not short of a word or why not get paid for it! I have been fortunate with opportunities within the community and being on the Eyre Peninsula Women In Business committee. A key highlight was inviting success coach Karen Brook to host an event for us. She connected with many of us across the Eyre Peninsula and is a global leader. Being mentored by Karen for the last three years has taught me so much about myself, my attitude and goal setting.

It was time to do what I really wanted since in my 20s. I had seen Bon Jovi every time they toured since I was 16 and I decided to meet them and get a photo. My goal was achieved last December in Sydney, with a Q and A session, sound check and my sister next to me to enjoy the show. Another goal was to give back and offer gratitude. Last year I joined the SA Variety Bash with The Runaway Brides and helped raise $47,000 for the kids of SA. This year we intend to raise much more to help make a difference to families and children in need.

I am happy and grateful for my family's health and well-being. I feel if we can all give a little to those in need we can count our own blessings three-fold. Now at 45 I realise success in life is becoming what you want to be and do. There are many opportunities for those who go with the tide instead of against it. It's a matter of focusing on what really matters to you and knowing what you really want. Abundance is your birth right so surround yourself with the best and become the best version of you, if you don't know where to start get a mentor!

Do not wait for an opportunity to be all that you want to be.