Cummins ends the Flat's winning streak

Great Flinders Table Tennis

Wanilla lost to Tumby Bay 10-20

TUMBY Bay proved too strong, winning seven in the first round of singles.

Tumby won two of three five-game matches. David Elson won against Leanne O'Connor, Dennis Peck beat Deidre Mann and Wanilla's Jim Casanova defeated Ken Roediger.

The second round of singles was even. David Elson was in another five-game match, this time going down to Wanilla's Megan Low.

Tumby Bay dominated in the doubles winning four to one in each round. Three five-game matches in the doubles were won by Tumby Bay. Marc Henning and Jesse Marcal beat Kevin Mann and Rob McFarlane, Mike Bradford and Max Williams won against Heather Pope and Ben Price in the first round while Ken Roediger and Jesse Marcal defeated Jim Casanova and Rob McFarlane in the tiered doubles.

Best: Wanilla: Megan Low; Tumby Bay: Russell Fordham, Marc Hanning, Jesse Marcal.

Cummins def Yallunda Flat 17-13

Cummins ended Yallunda Flat's undefeated run when they met in Cummins.

Cummins had a slight lead after the first round of singles, six to four. There were only two close matches, Wade Grey defeated Cummins' Ross Kerr and Terry Sampson won against Yallunda Flat's Carmel Sheehan, both in tight fought five-game matches.

The second round of singles saw Cummins edge ahead. Yallunda Flat's Isaac Telfer battled with Jarrod Hill winning the last game of a five-game match 12 to 10.

Yallunda Flat took out the first round of doubles three to two. Lorraine Dunn and Carmel Sheehan won against Cummins' Caro Miller and Terry Sampson in five.

Cummins reversed this result in the tiered doubles winning three. Kym Wright and Caro Miller won in five against Yallunda Flat's Alex Jaeger and Lorraine Dunn.

Best: Cummins: Lester Barnes, Amanda Hall; Yallunda Flat: Wade Gray, Alex Jaeger.

Yeelanna def Karkoo 23-7

Yeelanna had a comfortable win over Karkoo who are yet to find a win this season.

The first round of singles was even with five matches going to five games. Karkoo won one when Vicki Mundy defeated Geoff McLachlan. Yeelanna players Bradley Phillips, Roy Modra and Moyra McLachlan won their singles in five.

Karkoo had more success in the next round, winning three. Karkoo's Darren Atkins defeated Tyler Ebert in five and Yeelanna's Demi Clements won against Lacey Murnane in five.

Yeelanna won three in the first round of doubles and four in the tiered. Karkoo's Denise Laube and Kate Murnane won their double in five in the first round against Bob Gibbes and Greg Hurrell. In the tiered doubles Karkoo's Darren Atkins and Vicki Mundy beat Daniel Challinger and Geoff McLachlan in five while Yeelanna's Roy Modra and Bob Gibes beat Steven Fuss and Denise Laube in five. Best: Yeelanna: Roy Modra, Moyra McLachlan, Demi Clements; Karkoo: Vicki Mundy.