Foursomes double for Carr and Wooley

WINNERS: Foursomes winners Tracey Wooley and Leah Carr with handicap winners Tiff Firth and Lisa Tiller.
WINNERS: Foursomes winners Tracey Wooley and Leah Carr with handicap winners Tiff Firth and Lisa Tiller.

Cummins women's golf

THE Cummins Golf Club ladies watched for last Wednesday's weather report with vested interest as they were supposed to play the 27-hole Cummins District Community Bank Club Championship Foursomes.

The extra nine holes of golf can certainly make or ruin one's day as it is a test of endurance and concentration.

The 18-hole Shylie Rymill was played in conjunction at the same time.

Thankfully the weather bureau smiled upon the ladies and after only one little shower, the sun shone softly all day.

In fact sunblock was liberally applied by several players.

With 27 holes to hit the stroke game, the day started early and play was underway by 8.45am.

The freshly mowed fairways were looking good and the sand scrapes had packed down nicely.

The timely break of season rains have been spot on this year and the course certainly looks a picture, complete with gurgling creeks, busy bees and the odd kookaburra laughing up in the flowering gums.

There was a young western grey roo spotted near the sixth tee block later in the day.

By 4pm all members were back at the 19th and changed into comfortable shoes to rest their weary feet.

Depending on how straight the ball was struck, players would have walked up to 10 kilometres over the undulating fairways.

The tee stewards had the day's results smartly tallied up while all enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea.

Vice captain Kathy Modra thanked the Cummins District Community Bank Branch for sponsoring the day and announced Leah Carr and Tracey Wooley as the 2019 Club Championship Foursomes winners.

Carr and Wooley combined beautifully to hit 146 off the stick.

Handicap winners were Lisa Tiller and Tiff Firth who also worked very well together on the fairways. It was remarked that Tiller was a gun with her chipper and Firth was deft with her putter. They had a total net score of 117.

The Shylie Rymill Foursomes is won by the net score over the first 18 holes and the Carr/Wooley combination burned up the course with net 75.5.

As it turned out they were only .5 of a per cent in front of Tiller and Firth's net score for their first 18.

A long drive and a sweet second shot was the novelty of the day with the pin being placed a long way up the ninth fairway by the in-form Carr/Wooley pair.

Wednesday's game is flag; the player hitting off first for the day places the flag when they have used up all their strokes. The last player to place the flag is the winner and often the game may be more than 18 holes long.

Tee duty: Claire Holman and Chris Koch; hostess: Melissa McCracken.

Captain Tiff Firth will representing the Cummins ladies at the Streaky Bay Invitational event on Wednesday, where many Eyre Peninsula clubs will be represented.