Boston wins second straight with very last kick

SPOIL: Boston's Simon Bates spoils the mark for Wayback's Ben Sampson.

SPOIL: Boston's Simon Bates spoils the mark for Wayback's Ben Sampson.

Boston 10-12 (72) def Wayback 10-9 (69)

A FREE kick and goal right at the end of the game earned Boston its second consecutive win in Port Lincoln football at the weekend.

Boston faced Wayback at home and from the opening bounce it shaped up to be a well-contested game of football.

The Tigers racked up inside 50s, helped through the clearance work of Brodie Falciani but they could not capitalise finishing with seven behinds for the quarter.

However Wayback made the most of its limited opportunites and majors to James Blewit and Isaac Grima gave them a six-point lead at quarter time.

Boston's defence has really been coming into its own in recent weeks. Leading the way was Mitchell Hall with his turnover marks on the back flank while Simon Bates, Jack Jacobs and Aaron Little effectively applied pressure.

The Tigers had supporters cheering as they set up good passages through the midfield, leading to the first three goals of the second quarter as Boston had a slight edge on inside 50s.

Wayback had its own responses; Lloyd Carr was effective in the ruck, Shaun Maxfield drove the ball forward with his clearance work while Seth Meyers, Ben Sampson and Shaun Lever worked hard between the flanks.

Goals from Sampson and Sam Clark gave Wayback a two-point lead at half time.

Significant rain fell just after half time, adding a hurdle for players trying to get clean hands on the ball.

Boston dominated possessions in the first part of the third quarter, getting the first five inside 50s but only scored two behinds as Wayback looked to control stoppages and have options wide.

A goal to Lever and a second to Clark gave Wayback some confidence as the Demons were more effective with marking inside the 50.

However Boston continued its ruthless attack and goals to Mitchell Hall and Marko Visic got the lead back.

Each side scored one more goal each as the Tigers led by seven points at the final break, setting up an exciting final quarter.

Goals to Thomas Reynolds-Rowe and Jack Shanley, who were both having big games through the middle, got Tiger fans roaring before Clark's third kept the Demons in it.

It was a battle for clearances in the middle with Falciani for Boston and Maxfield for Wayback fighting for the ball.

Wayback continued to find passages to the 50, leading to the next five scoring shots and although most were behinds, the last two would have big significance.

James Blewit marked in the 50 and a challenge in the marking contest led to a 15-metre penalty and goal.

A disciplinary action against a Boston player's outburst led to an immediate 50-metre penalty to Carr and another goal, and Wayback were in front with less than a minute to go.

Boston had one last roll of the dice and in a marking contest, a free kick was awarded to Boston's Bates just as the siren blew.

Despite the pressure of such a situation, Bates managed to kick truly to give the Tigers a very exciting three-point victory.

The win marks Boston's first victory against Wayback since 2015 and first consecutive win since the same season, and moves them off the bottom of the table.