Rex offers community fare scheme to Port Lincoln Airport

Expensive flights between Port Lincoln and Adelaide could be a thing of the past if the Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council agrees to enter into a partnership with Regional Express (Rex) to secure community fare rates.

If Port Lincoln Airport and the council secure a partnership with Rex to implement community fare rates on the airline's flights between the city and Adelaide, some one-way tickets could cost less than the current base-level fare.

Rex offers community fare rates on 15 regional routes around Australia, with the latest being Kangaroo Island-Adelaide, where community fares cost $99 one-way, and the airline has put a similar proposal to the Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council.

The Kangaroo Island community fare will see a minimum of 25 per cent of seats on each nominated flight booked 30 days in advance set at $99 one-way.

The deal was made possible through a five-year partnership between Rex and the Kangaroo Island Council based on the KI Airport's revenue growth above Consumer Price Index (CPI).

A Rex spokesperson said on each flight, generally between 10 and 30 per cent of the seats were allocated to the community fare scheme.

"Rex has already proposed an almost identical scheme to the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula.

Rex has already proposed an almost identical scheme to the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula.

"The community fare can be booked by anyone, not just residents," the spokesperson said.

The agreement is based on a growth incentive where the airport revenue growth above CPI is rebated back to the airline.

"This provides the airline with an incentive to grow passenger numbers whilst ensuring that the airport revenue grows by at least CPI which is a win-win."

In addition to a percentage of seats on each flight being available at community fare rates, any unsold seats 24 hours before a flight would also be made available at the community fare price.

The Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council discussed the proposal in confidence at its meeting on Friday and chief executive officer Rod Pearson declined to comment at this stage.