Street art class brightens carriage

Year 10 students at Cummins Area School have given an old train carriage a new lease on life by painting it as part of a street art component in their art class.

Teacher James Pedler said the Cummins District and Enterprise Committee approached him and asked if any school students would like to paint the old train carriage, located at the caravan park in Cummins.

He said it was incorporated into the students' street art lessons, in which they researched artists from the Colour Tumby Street Art Festival and came up with a fresh idea for their mural.

"We used a projector to project (the design) up and everybody just grabbed a can and worked in their colour," he said.

Students took about six lessons and 50 cans to complete the project, which spells out 'explore', embellished with wheat stalks and bright blue.

The mural reflects the town's tourism slogan 'explore Cummins', however students came up with the idea independently.

Mr Pedler said students brainstormed about who would be visiting the caravan park and also had to work with the long, thin canvas of the carriage.

The carriage may be upgraded in future to provide accommodation at the park as has previously been done.