Lower Eyre Council calls for DPTI to review rail crossings signs in Cummins

The Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council is asking the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure to consider replacing stop signs with give way signs at town rail crossings to reduce driver "frustration" in light of the end to rail freight.

The department confirmed earlier this month the transition to road-based grain transport would not affect railway crossing signs as the railway would still be used occasionally.

However the council has asked for stop signs at crossings in Cummins, Karkoo, Yeelanna, Edililie and Wanilla to be replaced with give way signs where appropriate.

The council's works and infrastructure director Alex Douglas said generally the department would assess the crossing approach and line of sight to decide if a give way sign was appropriate.

"The list of towns for review is based on the higher vehicle movements at rail crossings that will likely incur greater levels of frustration," he said.

"If the period is more than a few months, which is highly likely, then a review of the rail crossing signs warrants priority."

Mr Douglas said the council was concerned some people might be frustrated to the point of removing signs, increasing the risk of another motorist colliding with a train or rail maintenance vehicles.

He said the council could request other rail crossings in the district were reviewed in the future but it was best to focus on a few in the beginning, rather than inundating the department with a large caseload.