Blues take control in wet

Blues take control in wet

Great Flinders football

Lock lost 3-6 (24) to Tumby Bay 7-17 (59)

IN extremely wet conditions Tumby Blues came away with a 35-point win over the Lock Roos.

A low-scoring first quarter saw the Blues score two points before the Roos locked the ball into their forward half for the next 10 minutes.

Play see-sawed with neither side able to take advantage.

The Blues defence were working overtime as the Roos kept sending the ball forward.

Northcott was finally able to swing around against the wind and post a major for the Roos with a copy from Hartwig shortly after at the other end.

A tight quarter was reflected with only one point the difference between the teams at quarter time.

The second quarter belonged to the Blues and was where the game was won.

At the four-minute mark Northcott kicked the Roos only goal for the quarter and then the Blues avalanche began with Brown kicking truly.

The Blues peppered the big sticks with three consecutive points allowing the Roos to chip in two points and then carrying on, adding an unbroken 3-2.

L. Brown, Wright, Crosby and Wiseman were giving plenty but were overwhelmed by Cross, Murphy, Walker and Rees with Hind and Hartwig reliable targets.

It was due to inaccuracy that the Blues only led by four goals at the long break.

Tiller and A. Heath continued to give sterling service in defence but lack of midfield pressure gave the Blues ease of entry forward.

It was due to inaccuracy that the Blues only led by four goals at the long break.

Good contested football was order of the day for the next low-scoring quarter.

The Roos were unable to score while James added the Blues only major with a number of players dipping in to add six points.

Murphy, Calderwood, Walker and Cross all had a good quarter with the youngsters again holding their own for the Roos.

This carried through to the final quarter with Degner finding the big sticks within the first minute for the Blues and L. Heath, playing his 50th senior game for Lock, kicking the only one for the Roos at the end of the quarter.

There was plenty of entertaining football in between with the (mostly) experienced Blues team being challenged by the young Roos.

A game played in good spirits saw the final scores at Tumby Bay 7-17 to Lock 3-6.

Murphy, Calderwood, Walker and Hind were the workhorses for the Blues with solid support from Hartwig, Rees and Cross.

Levi Brown, Wright and K. Tiller were the main stalwarts for Lock with Crosby, Northcott and A. Heath their wingmen.

Ramblers 15-10 (100) def Eyre United 0-7 (7)

Ramblers hosted Eyre United in Cummins on a very wet and cold Saturday afternoon for sport.

On a heavy oval with showers falling throughout the day it was going to be a tough day for the A grade footballers.

Eyre United had first use of the breeze but the Rambler defence led by Logan Dennis and Tysan Mickan sent the Saints' attacks straight back out.

Rob Shirley was on the end of a good pass to open the account for Ramblers and not long after, Mitch Dennis slotted another good goal on the run.

Tom Forrest was strong for Eyre United and Kobe Vlassco was playing a skilful brand of football in the conditions to keep the Saints in touch at the first break.

Ramblers continued the scoreboard pressure in the second quarter with goals to Mitch Dennis, Liam Sampson, Will Haarsma and Jessie Rule.

They were starting to look the better side and if it was not for some easy misses in front of goal, could have put the game away by the long break.

Jon and Jordy Telfer were playing desperate wet weather football and Scott Fitzgerald never gave up for the Saints but the Rambler boys had too many winners across the ground.

They led by 39 points at half time with the Saints boys unable to goal in the first half.

The third quarter was a slugfest with both teams battling the trying conditions.

It took a big pack mark from the high leaping Tysan Mickan and some genuine pace and accuracy from Ben Quigley to break the game open for the Rambler boys.

Liam Sampson also converted and when Jimmy Richardson bagged two for the term the game was over for the Saints at the last break.

Ramblers led by 10 goals with only a quarter to go.

Eyre United had plenty of the play but were turning the ball over from the Rambler pressure.

Lachy Gale and Tynan Hill were solid contributors but their efforts went unrewarded.

The last quarter was a formality for Ramblers, with both teams looking at the clock and the sky keen for it to end.

Ramblers added five majors for the quarter, with two great goals to Jed Forster, a snap from Liam Sampson and one on the run to Harry Ford to see Ramblers run out winners by 93 points.

The young legs of Jeb Nettle and Jed Forster were a big difference as their run and carry set up plenty of opportunities for the Rambler forwards.

Harry Ford was reading the play well to take some good intercept marks and the evergreen George Pedler still got plenty of the ball.

Eyre United battled hard but were outgunned by a better team.

They would have been genuinely disappointed not to score a goal for the game.

Best for Ramblers were Jed Forster, Liam Sampson, Michael Franklin and Mitch Dennis. The Saints best were Jonathan and Jordy Telfer, Scott Fitzgerald and Anthony Webb.

Times Scribe votes: Liam Sampson, 3; Mitch Dennis, 2; Jed Forster, 1.

United Yeelanna 17-15 (117) def Cougars 10-8 (68)

United Yeelanna came away with a hard-fought 49-point win at Karkoo in slippery and cold conditions over a plucky Cougars team who never gave up all day.

Both sides were missing key players with the Eagles going into the game without key big men Jaxen Norton, Matthew Crettenden and Zac Glover, likewise Cougars were missing Joe Cragg-Sapsford, Jack Green and Clayton Millard.

They had plenty to play for with Cougars looking to cement second spot, with only percentage splitting the three teams wrestling for the second chance come finals time.

Eagles early on missed shots on goal but when Daniel Havelberg clunked a big mark he got the Eagles off to good start.

Eagles' Kerren Hall was having a great game across centre half forward and was marking everything coming his way.

Cougars were throwing everything at them early as young gun Henry Nelligan showed his more experienced team-mates how to win the footy.

Cougars' endeavour was really good and when Flynn Paech spun out of pack to kick a great goal it got the crowd roaring.

Once again Cougars took the ball away from the middle and that allowed Austin Monfries to kick another off the ground.

When Cougars got another goal from a free down field the game was on.

Eagles had plenty of work to do and with the ground being heavy and wet the ball was hard to control at times.

The Eagles started to click after quarter time and with multiple goals to Casey Carr and Dan Havelberg they started to wrestle back some momentum.

An excellent duel was developing in the middle between big men Duncan Cragg-Sapsford and Eagles' Jason Ridley.

Missed shots on goal were haunting both teams as the easiest of goals were missed by both sides.

Cougars managed to get the first two goals after half time with the ever-dangerous Flynn Paech and Brodie Laube kicking true.

Michael Crettenden managed to hold onto a great mark and kick true as Stephen Crettenden finished off a great team goal.

The ever dangerous Luke Howie chipped in with a goal and that might have been enough to break away from Cougars.

The Eagles had many goal kicker but it was Daniel Havelberg who again showed his class and kicked two last quarter goals in trying conditions.

Bryce Breed and Xavier Watson were both having excellent games and also managed to get amongst the goal scorers.

Eagles had many good players and Cougars had too few prepared to play four quarters.

Cougars' Levi Kontizka and Lochie Paech kicked the only two goals for them as the Eagles ran out winners by 49 points.

Cougars' coach Jules Doudle would be happy with the effort but not happy with the result as they had managed to match it with the Eagles for a half.

Cougars' young gun Henry Nelligan unfortunately will not be available for finals as he goes off to bigger and better things but they will welcome back key players in a fortnight's time.

Eagles' best were Matt Dyer, Daniel Havelberg, Xavier Waston, Bryce Breed and Michael Crettenden.

Cougars' best were Bradley Hazelgrove, Henry Nelligan, Lochie Paech and Tom Freeth.

Times Scribe votes: Xavier Watson, 3; Matt Dyer, 2; Henry Nelligan, 1.