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Kimba 2.6 (18) def by Eastern Ranges 9.9 (63)

The weather was absolutely terrible for football with heavy showers and strong winds.

Ranges won the toss and kicked to the north end in the first quarter.

Tigers peppered the goals early but it took several minutes before they got the first goal on the board through Brook 'Chooka' Seal after a scrappy piece of play.

It looked as if it was going to be a hard slog.

Ranges replied with their first goal minutes later and again soon after through Ethan Kwaterski, putting the score at the first break at Ranges 2-3 to Kimba 1-3.

Ranges started the second well with Damien Hanneman slotting the first and the away side booting a second goal soon after.

Ranges adapted way better to the wind than the Tigers and went on to kick away by half time.

Kwaterski dobbed his third goal just before half time also.

Scores were Ranges 6-3 to Kimba 2-5.

Jack Kenny had the ball on a string and it seemed Kimba had no answer.

The second half was an absolute quagmire after a sharp shower or two.

One goal was scored in the second half and it was too wet for spectators even see who the goalkicker was.

Ranges were way to good with their ball use and their younger group ran all over Kimba.

Kimba's best players were Ryley Maitland, Bailey Francis, Dylan Bone, Dion Woolford, Shannan Larwood and Max Ramsey.

Best for the Ranges were Jack Kenny, Elliot Claxton, Dustin Harris, Ethan Kwaterski, Dean Storic and Dylan Jaggy

Tim Larwood

Competitive Day of Sport at Cowell

It was a wintery, windy and rainy day but no one was complaining and with four good games of football, it was a fantastic day out on Saturday with Cowell hosting Ports.

Junior colts was a great game to watch with Cowell Juniors yet to win a game but improving every week.

Ports came away with the win, scoring 4.4 to Cowell's 2.5/

R Schubert, H Heath and K Lawrie were Ports' best, with E Starr, A Turner and J Kovak best for Cowell.

Senior Colts was the game of the day with Ports holding a good three foal lead at the end of the third quarter and Cowell with a gutsy comeback to win their first game in three years.

Final scores were Cowell 8.2 to Ports 6.9.

Best players were S Norsworthy, L Turner and Z Crettenden for Cowell and L McDonough, B Lawrie and S Hutchins for Ports.

B grade was a tough contest and I'm sure there would have been some very sore boys the next day.

Ports' leg speed was the difference to come out the winners at the end.

Final score was Ports 8.15 def Cowell 3.3.

C Boothby, B Norman and C Hartwig impressed for Ports with T Simes, Troy Gregory and B Punch Cowell's best.

A grade, despite the score, was a competitive match, the highlight of the game being the emerging talent of both sides' young players.

Cowell with eight players back in the team were a much better outfit.

Sid Masters at full forward kicked two of his seven in the first quarter and Jake Bammann kicked a beauty in a tight contest along with Tom Laas impressive setting up goals.

Lewis Helps and Oscar White kicked two goals and this quarter saw the injuries of Ports' number one ruckman T Bishop and Cowell's Lachy Crabb.

The second quarter began with two quick goals from Jake Turner and Sid Masters to get Ports off to a good start.

The rain set in and the rest of this quarter was very even.

The green frogs, umpires Dunn, Ottens and Lines were doing a great job officiating the game, but I'm not sure the green is Dunn's colour?

With the rain slowing the game down, even Ash Masters looked quick.

Half time score was Ports 7.2 to Cowell 2.3.

In the third quarter Cowell started off well with evergreen Matt Franklin in the thick of it, showing his son Dale in their first father/son A grade match, just how it's done.

A goal from Klay Smith soon after made Cowell look like they were up to the fight.

Ports then turned on a dominant display of seven unanswered goals.

T Laas, J Turner, J Bammann and C Llewelyn were a big part of this and totally outclassed Cowell who simply turned off.

Ports headed into the final quarter up by ten goals.

After a rev from Cowell's coach Kierran 'Buzz' Fiegert, the Cats managed to have most of the ball in their forward line but could not find the goals.

Finally after many forward entries, James Martin was able to convert.

Both teams battled it out for an even contest and two goals each for the quarter.

Cowell will be looking forward to a break and will hopefully regain some injured players and Ports have an exciting group of youngsters moving forward.

Final scores were Cowell 7.4 (46) def by Ports 16.6 (102).

C Llewelyn, A Masters and T Davey were best for Ports while J Martin, K Smith and A Klingberg were best for the Cats.

Phil Cook

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