Sea lion rescued at Fisheries

A baby sea lion has been rescued after it was found injured about 34 kilometres south west of Port Lincoln.

Local Jason Dorward found the sea lion on Monday at Fishery Beach and noticed it was having difficulty moving and seemed to be in pain.

He said he and his family had taken friends out to the beach when they spotted something rolling in the surf.

"It stuck its head up and looked at us and then dropped its looked very tired," he said.

"I just thought it was unfair to leave it there so I wrapped it in a blanket and put it on the floor of the car."

Mr Dorward took the sea lion to the top of a hill to get reception so he could do some research online and came across the Australian Marine Wildlife Research and Rescue Organisation.

"We waited for half an hour (to find out what to do with the injured pup) and in that time it fell asleep on the floor of the car and started snoring," he said.

Eventually they decided to take the pup to the RSPCA in Port Lincoln, then it was taken to the Lincoln Veterinary Centre to be examined.

Vets gave the sea lion fluids overnight and assessed and x-rayed the animal, which showed no broken bones.

The RSPCA said the pup appeared to have experienced a trauma on its side.

The pup was flown to Adelaide on Tuesday night for specialist care with the AMWRRO, who hope to release it back into the wild.

"The Australian Marine Wildlife organisation are going to look after it and said there might be a chance to rehabilitate it and release it," Mr Dorward said.