Gladiators storm home for upset win



Panthers 12 (46) def Lions 9 (35)

TOP of the table Panthers brought in Gavin Proude to replace the injured Daniel Challinger for their clash against cellar dwellers Lions.

Panthers got away to a great start with Proude defeating Nathan Fong in five sets and Ben Southam beating Fiona Rosalia in four sets.

In the second round games were shared. Kody Rosalia won a brilliant match over Tyler Ebert in five tight sets and Nathan Fong won a close match over Wade Gray in five sets while the best for Panthers came from Ben Southam. Panthers combined well to win two of the three doubles to lead by three.

In the final round of singles David Hall was first to strike for Panthers before Fiona Rosalia hit back for Lions. Ben Southam and Wade Gray wrapped it up for Panthers. Lions' top two, K. Rosalia and N. Fong finished strongly with two wins but the doubles let them down.

Best: Panthers: Ben Southam, Gavin Proude; Lions: Kody and Fiona Rosalia.

Gladiators 14 (47) def Dodgers 7 (30)

Both teams were missing players with Gladiators bringing in Lester Barnes to replace Angelika Sederstrom and Dodgers had two players from B grade, Lance Barnett and Andre Greyvenstein.

Gladiators started strong collecting four wins while Dodgers managed two.

Games were evenly spread in the next round. Dodgers' Darren Atkins beat Barnes in five tight sets and Barnett had a comfortable win. For Gladiators Shane Stockham and Russell Fordham added wins. The doubles were very competitive but Gladiators collected two for a lead of three. In the final round Gladiators took five wins to cause the upset. Dodgers only win came from Barnett.

Best: Gladiators: Shane Stockham, Jesse Marcal; Dodgers: Lance Barnett.

Tigers 11 (38) def Croppos 10 (41)

Games were even in the opening round. Croppos scored through Huey Rosalia, Jim Casanova and Ralph Sandford in straight sets. For Tigers, Joseph Harris, Geoff Nottle and Rodney Scharfe made a great start.

Croppos kicked away in the second round with Adam Butterworth and Dan Mengis taking four wins and the lead. Croppos combined stronger in the doubles to win two and lead by three.

In the final round Tigers picked up the first two matches before Jim Casanova added a vital win, leaving Croppos to add one more for victory. The final three matches were long, hard five setters but Tigers claimed them all with the highlight coming in the final match as Joseph Harris dug deep to get over the line 12-10 in a cliff-hanger against Huey Rosalia.

Best: Tigers: Joseph Harris, Rodney Scharfe; Croppos: Jim Casanova, Huey Rosalia.


Panthers 6 (22) def Lions 6 (20)

Ethan Richardson, coming into number one for Panthers to replace Jayden Townsend, made an impression early, defeating Jamie Crawford in five tight sets. Kiarna Letton also had a win while for Lions Matt Beckmann defeated Ernie Bauer in straight sets and Tyler Crawford defeated Nellie Heron. Doubles were shared.

In the third round, Tyler Crawford played the match of his life to defeat Kiarna Letton 12-10 in the fifth set. Matt Beckmann had to dig deep to get himself out of trouble in five long sets against Ethan Richardson while for Panthers Ernie Bauer and Nellie Heron kept them in touch.

Each team won one each in the doubles, leaving the rubbers at six all with just two sets the difference.

Best: Panthers: Nellie Heron; Lions: Matt Beckmann.

Croppos 9 (24) def Tigers 3 (10)

Games were evenly shared in the opening round. Rob Simon and Gary Weetra scored for Tigers and Dave Sherry and Wayde Heidenreich gave Croppos a good start. Croppos were much stronger in the doubles winning both. In the third round Croppos lifted as Dave Sherry defeated Rob Simon, Bob Gibbes won over Julieanne Simon and Linnea Mead claimed Kynan Letton. The only one to score for Tigers was Gary Weetra. The final round of doubles went to Croppos for a convincing victory.

Best: Croppos: Dave Sherry; Tigers: Gary Weetra.

Dodgers 10 (29) def Gladiators 2 (10)

Gladiators were missing their two top players but Peter Forrest was welcomed back. Dodgers raced to a strong start with wins to Andre Greyvenstein and Luke DeIesio. Forrest won a long battle over Bev Atkins in five.

Doubles were shared at one each before Dodgers claimed all four matches in the second round of singles then won the last two doubles for a huge victory.

Best: Dodgers: Andre Greyvenstein, Luke DeIesio; Gladiators: Peter Forrest, Jack Barnett.