Wanilla set up win in first round singles

Great Flinders Table Tennis

Cummins 11 lost to Tumby Bay 19

TUMBY Bay proved too strong for Cummins winning seven in the first round of singles.

Three five-game matches went their way with wins to Marc Hanning, David Elson and Dennis Peck.

In the second round of singles Cummins won four to Tumby's six. Troy Branson from Cummins went down to Marc Hanning in five. Vince Diment won a five-game match defeating Tumby's Max Williams.

Both rounds of doubles went Tumby's way, winning three to two. Cummins' Troy Branson and Kym Wright went down in five in the first round to Tumby's Ken Roediger and Marc Hanning.

In the tiered doubles Cummins again lost a five-game match when Jarred Hill and Kym Wright lost to Russell Fordham and March Hanning.

Best: Cummins: Lester and Aiden Barnes; Tumby: Marc Hanning, Jesse Marcal, Kym Bennett.

Karkoo 10 lost to Wanilla 20

Wanilla set up a comfortable win against Karkoo in the first round of singles where they won eight to two. Wanilla won two out of three five-games matches thanks to Jim Casanova and Rob McFarlane.

Karkoo's winner in five was Cathy Pearson who beat Lyn Fauser 12-10 in the fifth game.

Both teams won five in the second round of singles. Karkoo won two five-game matches out of three with wins to Steven Fuss and Denise Laube, who finally got there against Leanne O'Connor winning 18-16 in the fifth. Wanilla's winner in five was Heather Pope.

Wanilla won the first round of doubles three to two. Gavin Proude and Jim Casanova won in five and Heather Pope and Gavin Traeger also won in five. Karkoo had one win in five by Darren Koch and Cathy Pearson.

Wanilla won four of the tiered doubles.

Best: Karkoo: Vicky Mundy; Wanilla: Gavin Proude, Heather Pope, Ben Price.

Yallunda Flat 19 def Yeelanna 11

Yallunda Flat won seven in the first round of singles. The only five-game match in this round was won by Yeelanna's Tyler Ebert.

The second round saw the same score line as the first with Yallunda Flat extending their lead. This time Yallunda Flat's Jared Bates won the only five-game match.

Yeelanna won three in the first round of doubles and Yallunda Flat reversed this in the tiered doubles. There were two five-game matches in the first round. Yeelanna's Geoff McLachlan and Bradley Phillips defeated Wade Gray and Alex Jaeger. Yallunda Flat's Lorraine Dun and Jared Bates beat Bob Gibbes and Greg Hurrell.

The tiered doubles also had two five game matches. Yeelanna won both of these when Daniel Challinger and Geoff McLachlan beat Isaac Telfer and Wade Gray and Tyler Ebert and Bradley Phillips won against Andrew Cabot and Alex Jaeger.

Best: Yallunda Flat: Lorraine Dunn, Jarred Bates, Carmel Sheehan, Tony Bellenger; Yeelanna: Daniel Challinger, Tyler Ebert.