Salmon trout fun for kids

School holidays are here, time to take the kids out fishing.

If you are heading out, be safe on the water and keep your eye on the weather.

Now for what was biting and where.

West Coast

Salmon are starting to show up on the surf beaches in bigger numbers. Locks Well and Sheringa have plenty of fish in the 1-2 kilogram range. If you are after bigger fish, head to Talia beach where pilchards are the best option.

Coffin Bay

Farm Beach is producing King George whiting to 38 centimetres in 6-9 metres of water. There have also been a few gummy sharks landed from the area, so take a bigger rod out with you.

Almonta, Gunyah and Greenly beaches have all produced some good catches of salmon.

There are plenty of 1-2kg models out there, with the odd bigger fish mixed in. Lures and brined pilchards are the best options.

Inside Coffin Bay, some squid and a few legal whiting have been caught. Flathead, garfish and snook have been better targets around Dutton Bay and the Ledge.

In the few days where offshore fishing has been an option, nannygai, gummys and snapper have been caught on both baits and jigs. Jigs like the Samaki Choona or Shimano Sardine Waver in 150-200 grams have been excellent.

SNAPPER: Bec Coney with two nice snapper. Image: GT Fishing Charters

SNAPPER: Bec Coney with two nice snapper. Image: GT Fishing Charters

Port Lincoln

King George whiting have been caught in most locations around town. The bigger models to 50cm have been caught around North Shields, the Passage and Louth Island.

Late in the day during the start of the run out tide seems to be the best time. Plenty of berley has helped if you do not want to move too often.

Squid to 2kg have been caught down the lower end of the passage. The North Shore has also produced plenty of good sized squid as well.

Millers Hole and the beaches around it have had some massive schools of salmon at times. Salmon to 4kg or more have been sighted and a few caught from the Salmon Hole and around the Sleaford area.

A few nice flathead have been caught from the beaches in the national park and North Shields. Soft plastics in killer tomato and watermelon colours have been popular this week.

Port Neill/Arno Bay

A few flathead were caught from the beaches with soft plastics and baits this week. From the jetties, squid and snook have been landed.

Boaties managed a few nice whiting and squid when the wind died down enough to head out for a fish.

CUTTLEFISH: Neville Coney with a big cuttlefish. IMAGE: GT Fishing Charters

CUTTLEFISH: Neville Coney with a big cuttlefish. IMAGE: GT Fishing Charters

Tumby Bay

The Group has produced some nice bags of big whiting and big squid when anglers ventured out there. Mussel berley was a must to catch some good numbers without having to move around too often.

There are plenty of salmon trout in the marina, which are good fun for the kids during the holidays. Small lures fished in the channel when the tide is running seems to be the best time.

A few flathead, tommies and salmon trout have been caught from the beaches.

We did not hear many reports about the bloodworm run but if I was chasing whiting up around Tumby this week, they would be my first choice of baits.


A few nice whiting and some big squid were caught this week by boaties when they got out.