Singing all the way to Coffin Bay

On a Tuesday back in 1968, in an outback Queensland mining town called Mount Isa I entered the world, probably singing something. Before too long we headed south, back to my Mother's family to begin a life in Woodville where Mum and Dad rented a small flat from an Italian couple on their property and my earliest memories of them were an abundance of home cooked Italian feasts, a vegetable garden that seemed to go for miles and being told I was not allowed to drink the coffee, "too strong" for the bambino.

Three years later my sister arrived and the flat was too small for the four of us, so time to move on. We then moved to Mansfield Park and were really lucky to score a house with loads of yard space so in the middle of suburbia, we had a pool, chooks and ducks, an array of cats and dogs and the occasional bird. Around the age of seven, Mum enrolled us in "marching girls" and although daunting in the beginning, was seven years of an interesting sport.

We travelled to a different state each Easter to compete in national championships and one year we won second place for our "free display". High school saw an opportunity to learn dancing as a subject and a chance dance camp talent night found me singing "The Rose" duet with another dancer. Next thing I know, I joined the vocal group and was hanging out with the music kids.

Leaving school meant leaving music but at the time it was not a big deal. I scored a job in the bank then moved to Roxby Downs and spent 16 years living and working in this remote but friendly town. During my time there I was fortunate enough to join a band or two and played in squishy little bars, on the back of a semi fighting off stink bugs in the outback and the local club where one New Years Eve I remember the place being packed to the rim and a sea of heads bouncing as they danced, it was awesome to see so many people having a good time.

In 1997 a special little girl came into our lives and changed me forever, as children do, and has been the most wonderful thing to watch her grow into such a beautiful soul. The time had come to leave Roxby and we moved to Charlton Gully but bad news was that we lost our place in the January 2004 bushfire not long after we moved. It was a little difficult for a while, but the generosity of the community was outstanding, a complete stranger loaned us their van to sleep in on our property until we bought our own and in October of that year, we had rebuilt. Living on a small farm (being a city girl) was different but I learned a lot.

Circumstances change in life, and that found me living in Coffin Bay since 2014. For the past four years, I have been part of a musical duo called Liquid Lunch and for the first two of them, travelling around the region and also reached out to places such as Parachilna (and also worked there for a short period), Willalooka, Goolwa, Penong and the Clare Valley. We even self produced an EP with five original songs.

Exciting times ahead now though, as we have just recently purchased Port Lincoln Music World and I think I may have just found my dream job. Where else can you play music all day, tinker around on musical instruments, sit down and have a jam with other musos? The ducks have lined up, how can it get any better than this?