From little beans big things grow

BOSTON BEAN: Sue Scott explaining the coffee roasting process. Picture: supplied

BOSTON BEAN: Sue Scott explaining the coffee roasting process. Picture: supplied

Charlton Women in Agriculture and Business recently visited Boston Bean Coffee Co on Mortlock Terrace to learn more about the business.

A passion for a good cup of coffee led Richard and Sue Scott to purchasing a stainless steel coffee bean roaster, setting it up in their shed, procuring the raw beans and starting the learning curve of a new small business.

The Scotts appreciated the encouragement from other small business owners as they took a further step, opening their coffee bar, serving coffee, and selling roasted beans and coffee making equipment.

Their main aim is to provide a good coffee and contribute to their community.

They are very conscious to train and employ local young people, and are sympathetic to people with special needs.

A good number of members and friends enjoyed hearing Mrs Scott explain their background (a paramedic and a financial planner) and reason for starting a new business venture, and the coffee roasting process.

Beans are sourced from Ethiopia, Columbia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Brazil and all have their own distinct flavour.

Mr Scott's "nose" for judging a good "roastiness" and his palate for blending, plus Mrs Scott's acumen for the financial side of the business have proved successful.

The roastery sends orders for their award-winning coffee throughout Australia and overseas. Everyone enjoyed supper and the opportunity to taste a decaf or Colombian filtered coffee.

Heather Campbell thanks Sue Scott.

Heather Campbell thanks Sue Scott.