Port Lincoln Caledonian Society to hold final event

The Port Lincoln Caledonian Society is inviting people for lunch and maybe a "deoch an doris" (a final drink before parting) as it holds its final meeting after nearly 76 years in the community.

The society will hold its luncheon at the Wheatsheaf Hotel in North Shields on Thursday at 12.30pm which will include food and entertainment before its last meeting.

Society chief Roger Inglis said the decision to wind up the society had been made during the last few years as it had been gradually losing members and had reached the stage where there was not a quorum at meetings.

"We were going to go quietly into the sunset but we've been convinced to go out with a bang rather than a whimper," he said.

"We don't get younger people joining these things and younger people don't want to be office bearers."

The event includes Scottish dancing with Cherie Doudle and Cellar Folk Club members performing some Scottish tunes and if time permits Mr Inglis will recite a Robert Burns poem.

Mr Inglis said the society had been providing a scholarship to the Port Lincoln High School since 1951 and a fund had been set up so it could continue.

The society began in October 1943 as a social group and to foster interest in Scottish culture including history, music and literature.

During its existence, particularly under the late chief Perce Baillie the society had taken an interest in recording, maintaining and providing signage of local historical sites and events.

These include the annual commemoration, since 1943, of the first European settlers in Port Lincoln, restoring and maintaining Pillie Kangarooer's Hut and the Lake Hamilton Eating House and noting the burial places of numerous early settlers.

The society has awarded life membership to 42 people, including honourary memberships to Axel Stenross and Eric O'Connor.

Anyone wishing to attend is encouraged to contact the Wheatsheaf Hotel to RSVP and to wear something Scottish on the day.

Anyone wanting more information should contact Mr Inglis on 8683 0890.