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Ports 7.12 (54) def by Eastern Ranges 10.10 (70)

Ports won the toss and kicked with a strong win almost straight down the ground towards the Arno pub.

Ports were wasteful with the wind, kicking many points while Ranges chipped the ball around, using up time before running it into the wind for the first goal.

Ports started to fire late in the quarter with five quick goals and Quentin Turner's score card headed south.

Ports 5.9 to Eastern Ranges 1.0.

In the second quarter with many players struggling to execute skills in the conditions, the last touch rule was getting a fair run.

This gave opportunities from the pickets which Ranges capitalised on.

Ports dropped Sid Masters into defence and ran a goal into the wind.

Ranges kicked four for the quarter but the Ports defence held up well.

TUSSLE: Ports' Ben Lienert takes the ball out of the pack in the A grade. Photo: Trudi Herde-Rodda.

TUSSLE: Ports' Ben Lienert takes the ball out of the pack in the A grade. Photo: Trudi Herde-Rodda.

Ports 6.9 to Eastern Ranges 5.2.

Ranges were giving the umpires plenty of advice and for Ports, Jake Bamman's desperation and ability to hit targets is worthy of a mention.

Ports began to break down across half forward with Ranges playing smart possession football until the inevitable skill error resulted in a goal to Masters.

Ranges won the quarter and it was going to be hard for Ports to defend their three goal lead.

Ports 7.12 to Eastern Ranges 5.4.

Ranges started the final quarter with a quick goal and Ports showed desperation in the back line as they tried to hang on.

Storic went into the ruck for Ranges and seemed to be everywhere.

Ranges kicked a goal and with an open forward line, the new 6-6-6 rule worked to their advantage at the centre bounce resulting in another quick one.

Ports were now one point down and had to attack.

They almost pinched one into the win but were hurt on the rebound with Ranges kicking two late goals.

Earlier in the day, Ashton Hartwig and Angus Dunn were standouts in a closely contested minis game and the colts game was the closest contest between these two sides this season.

In the B grade, Ports found many old bodies to slip a guernsey on to put a team on the park; old dogs and children - and watermelon wine?

The game was reasonably open considering the conditions.

Regan Taheny stood out in an easy Ranges win.

Gavin Rehn

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