Lower Eyre Peninsula Council allocates funding for Roads to Recovery funding program

The Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council will look to upgrade five roads using the $426,200 first installment of the Federal Government's Roads to Recovery funding program.

Over a five year period, from 2019/20 financial year until 2023/24, the government's Roads to Recovery program will give more than $2.13 million to the council to improve local road infrastructure.

Mena Road, Hyde Road and Coles Point Road will each receive $100,000 in funding to conduct rubble resheeting works this year.

Airport Lane will receive $70,000 and Fishery Bay Road will receive $56,200 in funding to also undergo rubble resheeting works.

The Roads to Recovery program supports the maintenance of the nation's local road infrastructure to improve road safety, the economy and social outcomes.

The $2.13 million is about a 46 per cent increase on the previous funding given to the council by the program.