Peckers battle to victory

POSSESSION: Marble Range's Billy Byass and Mallee Park's Grant Wanganeen chase after the ball following a marking contest.
POSSESSION: Marble Range's Billy Byass and Mallee Park's Grant Wanganeen chase after the ball following a marking contest.

Port Lincoln football

Mallee Park 15.11 (101) def Marble Range 15.3 (93)

MALLEE Park and Marble Range turned on a game that will stay etched in their minds.

The game raged with commitment from all players and the last quarter had both teams' supporters cheering until the final siren that would see the Peckers in front by eight points after the Rangers kicked a goal on the siren.

This game was in the balance from the first bounce until the last and deserves the tag ''a game for the ages''.

The Peckers were off to a flyer in the first minute after a centre bounce clearance and their first goal before quickly repeating that effort to lead by 12 points.

From a free kick plus 50 metre penalty Rangers got back in game, then it became a back and fourth affair with heavy tackling displayed. The need to run hard was on show and there would be no easy path for either club to get the ball forward and hit a target in the forward 50.

The goal kicking was very even with both clubs kicking three each and with four points kicked the Peckers held a slender three point lead at quarter time.

The second quarter was a toss up as to who could get the ball forward and after their fourth point the Peckers stepped up their leg speed.

From three clearances Peckers kicked three goals, two coming from centre bounce clearances to hold a 21 point lead and it was evident their lightning-like leg speed was creating problems for Rangers.

The Peckers let themselves down with several turnovers, the Rangers found more of the ball with strong efforts by Lance Appleby, Glen Schrieber and Blaze Kay. Four goals reduced the margin to three points at half time.

There were signs in the first half the game would heat up after half time and supporters would see a competitive contest with big tackles and hard running. With both clubs kicking seven goals in the first half the heat of this game lifted, there was no place for the fainthearted and a tough bruising game with plenty of great running footy was on show.

The tempo lifted in the third quarter with the Peckers' leg speed from the back half and through the midfield helping them to hold on to lead by 10 points, being the biggest lead in the game.

It was a fierce running second half with eight goals kicked by both clubs - it was a good old fashioned slog.

Tackles multiplied and turnovers became critical and there was no more than one or two kicks separating the ''battle at Mallee Park''.

It was in the dying minutes that there was a result and it came down to points kicked, with Mallee Park kicking 11 points to the Rangers three to run out winners by eight points.

While they lost the game one is sure that the Ranger supporters would be proud of their team's effort and the same can be said of the Mallee Park supporters that would hold on by sheer determination to win this magnificent game.

The Peckers won this game with their run and carry and leg speed, and an overall team effort by all players and the Rangers' effort was also team orientated and the scoreboard suggest this loss will only spur them onwards.

Rangers' Tynan Keeley with five goals had a big effort while teammate Gil Casanova, 17, with one goal and the Peckers' Raheem Betts, 18, with three goals both played their part in this ''game for the ages''.

Lincoln South 14.11 (95) def Boston 13.10 (88)

Lincoln South got over the line with a strong fourth quarter effort to earn their second win of the season in a tight affair against Boston at Centenary Oval.

Boston managed to set up some early inside 50s but a stellar Souths defence, led by Aiden Baker kept early shots from happening and a rebound from defence led to the first goal of the game through Ben Shillabeer.

The Tigers soon found their groove in the midfield, Simon Bates set up for big game with his drive off the back half and Willy Woldt proved elusive and was effective with disposals. This would help Boston score six of the next seven goals, including three for full forward Otis Carter to go out to a 26-point lead.

However Souths took back control in the latter half of the quarter, assisted by great tap work from Hayden Carey and good work around stoppages from players including Levi McDonald and Paul White, who played in the centre and would emerge as a game winner.

The Eagles finished with last four goals of the quarter, including two from Kieren Vermuelen to trail by one point at quarter time.

Souths would get in front for the first time since the start of the match with a goal to Brodie Drewitt, only for Boston to reply with a major to Jake Nicholls. Bates continued to move the ball well off the back half, as did Sam Beare who displayed great second efforts.

White continued to push for the ball and go hard into the contests while Jayden Blewit moved the ball well through the centre and teammates Luke Wilkins and Leonard Wells found space at every opportunity.

The game was dealing a physical toll as Boston lost Mitchell Hall and Jack Jacobs, while Souths were without Swayne Ackland for the remainder of the game.

Boston finished the quarter with one more goal through Jake Patterson while again Souths had the majority of inside 50s late, but could only score four behinds. The margin was five points Boston's way at half time.

The Tigers showed early the defensive pressure from Souths were getting to them with wasted opportunities in the 50 and intercepted passes in the middle.

However they did manage to find their options, helped by Jack Shanley who was doing a great job against Carey in the ruck, and a fourth goal to Carter was the start they needed. It was goal for goal as each side slotted three majors for the quarter.

Souths applied the defensive pressure heavily in the final quarter and made the most of clearances, with James Neale emerging as a hero up forward with two quick goals to put Souths in front, followed by Tyson Pratt scoring his first and Vermuelen's fourth.

Shanley continued to ruck well, Thomas Reynolds-Rowe pushed for clearances and Bates impressed with his run and a late goal but Boston could not set up good scoring shots and another four behinds symbolised what could have been.

Souths held on to win by eight points, their first win since the opening game of the year.