Lincoln netball lights up

Port Lincoln netball

Souths United lost to Imperials 28-50

SOUTHS United and Imperials took to the court for the first night game of the season in cold and rainy conditions.

Both teams had been playing well in previous rounds and were keen to take the win as they head into finals.

Souths were missing defender Hannah Barker so Tammie Gudzenovs stepped up to take her spot and what she lacked in height she made up for in determination and intensity.

Anti Liddell was also in ring defence for Souths and both had their work cut out as the Imperials goalies Mikaela Sawyer and Kate Pilgrim began by shooting accurately and leaving very little opportunity for the Souths defenders to turn the ball over.

MHiret Otto, as midcourt defence for Souths, was matched well against Erika Lamont.

The centre match ups were great to watch with Souths' McKenna Reidy and Imperials' Karli Sargeant playing a great contested game, both using their usual speed, agility and accurate feeding into their goalies.

Imperials' Simoan Hayman showed her experience in wing defence, putting pressure on Souths' Summer Pederson, who stepped up and was placing the ball nicely to the Souths goalies Kyesha Vlassco and Gemma De La Salle, who also shot accurately against Imperials defenders Samantha Hickman and Jess Harris, who were playing a tight game.

The first quarter was even but Souths missed couple of opportunities to score and Imperials crept ahead in the last couple of minutes to be up by three goals at the first break.

Both teams fumbled the ball in the cold conditions, which led to some scrappy passages of play in the second quarter but Imperials increased intensity and outscored Souths to lead by 10 at half time.

Souths increased intensity and outscored Imperials in the third quarter, decreasing the margin by one.

Souths switched Vlassco and De La Salle and increased intensity and outscored Imperials in the third quarter, decreasing the margin by one.

Souths switched Vlassco and De LA Salle in goals, Liddell and Gudzenovs in defence, moved Otto into attack and Pederson to wing defence to try and turn the game. Imperials also switched their goalies.

Pederson in defence paid off, immediately increasing pressure on a determined Hayman, but with Sargeant placing the ball beautifully into the accurate Imperials' goalies, Souths were unable to convert.

Imperials ran away with it this quarter 28 to 50, cementing second spot on the ladder with Souths still in the top four.

Wayback def St Mary's 36-22

St Mary's started well but Maja Greenland went off with a calf injury in the first half of the quarter, replaced by Georgia Cash.

Young Taya Foster was still hanging around from playing the first time slot in under 15s and took the court for St Mary's for her first A grade match

Bri Gray for Wayback came off a three-quarter time. Emma Waters went on at goal defence, Shakaya Walsh went to wing attack, Morgan Pilgram to centre and Brooke George to wing defence.

Ilka Stone shot well for Wayback.

The second half scores were not as good as the first for St Mary's but all played well and adapted to the many changes well.

Wayback were playing some great netball but were also making passing errors due to a combination of the weather, a wet court and playing at night.

The wet ball and frozen hands contributed to both teams getting picked up for replayed ball numerous times.

Wanilla def Boston 43-20

Boston had the opportunity to play some rookies in their night game against Wanilla.

Amber Sleep, back from a couple of years away from the game, combined well in defence with Tigers' captain, Emma Brewster and Megan Hansen on the wing.

Sachi Syme continues to provide fantastic drive through Tigers' centre court.

Molly Burns and Amber Tully were supported by Karli Anderson in wing attack but Wanilla proved too strong and accurate by half time.

Half-time changes included Burns into centre where her aerial ability and defensive pressure gave the Black and Golds the lift they needed.

Talented junior Taya Watherston debuted in A1 at goal attack and the team lifted to equal Rangers' final quarter score of seven but Wanilla had set the groundwork to come out clear winners.