Ramblers edge closer to third on ladder

Great Flinders netball

Ramber def United Yeelanna 38-32

RAMBLERS took the points over United Yeelanna, sneaking them closer to the third-placed side.

It was even from the get go, with five goals a-piece early on.

The defence stamped its dominance early, with experienced Yeelanna goal defence Cassie Norton and Ramblers' goal keeper Whitney Wright sending the ball back.

Ramblers grew in confidence, pulling away from Yeelanna towards the 15-minute mark.

Accurate shooting by Abby-Lee Burrows and Kira Symonds put Ramblers in front 15-11 at the first break.

Eyes were on the even contest at goal attack and goal defence. Young guns Mackenzie Walter and Lacey Murnane were both in and under at the ball.

Kate Hancock made her presence known at centre, with various tips and touches keeping Yeelanna in the contest. Burrows and Symonds continued to combine well.

Ramblers were up 23-22 at half time.

Ramblers swapped Sydney Claughton and Lily Nettle, and Madeline Crettenden with Walter for the third quarter, which was much of same this quarter, with neither team letting their concentration lapse.

Wright's last line of defence was strong, with Ramblers two up going into the deciding quarter.

The first few minutes were hotly contested. Ramblers were first on the board, extending their lead to three.

Yeelanna defenders Norton and Crysta Robins kept working hard but could not stop Ramblers.

Incentives: Ramblers: Whitney Wright, Abby-Lee Burrows; Yeelanna: Cassie Norton.

FINGERTIPS: Eyre United's Sophia Modra receives the pass defended by Lock's Hannah Zerk. Picture: Meryl Weetra

FINGERTIPS: Eyre United's Sophia Modra receives the pass defended by Lock's Hannah Zerk. Picture: Meryl Weetra


Lock def Eyre United 48-42

Eyre United started with the first centre pass and both teams came out firing.

Pearce, Kraehe and Boot combined well for Lock through the centre, defended closely by Modra, Franklin and Cameron.

Lock goalies Hurrell and Heath shot well to be up 14-7 at the first break.

In the second quarter, Eyre United pulled out everything they had. Masson and Stratford made Lock defenders Tuohy and Williams continually work hard as they put up some nice shots.

Lock wing defence Zerk and Eyre United wing attack Modra fought for every ball. Modra passed well into her goalies. Lock 25 to Eyre United 20 at half time.

The third quarter was played with determination by both teams with lots of even play through the centre.

Eyre United shooter Masson moved fast in the circle, making it easy for Modra and Franklin. Eyre United defenders made it hard for Lock to score, bringing the margin back to 32-31.

The last quarter saw some great passages of play by both teams as they fought for every ball and goal.

Centre court players Pearce, Kraehe, Franklin and Cameron clashed time and time again as they fought for possession.

The Lock goalies played hard and shot well finishing off with a great win.