Hospice well worth supporting

Providing support to families at one of the most difficult times of their lives, when a loved one is dying, is an incredibly valuable service.

The Eyre Peninsula Home Hospice Service has made a huge difference to many people's lives over the past few years.

The article 'Call to get behind hospice' on page 3, highlights one of many bittersweet stories of the almost 30 local families that have benefitted from the service since it was established in 2017.

Every story is unique but the thing that unites them is the peace of mind the service provides - having someone only a phone call away at and time of the day or night.

Unfortunately a fundraiser for the hospice service planned for this weekend had to be cancelled due to lack of numbers but the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation will explore other fundraising event opportunities and is still encouraging the community to get behind this critical service.

Perhaps anyone who had been thinking about going along to the fundraiser or was unable to go may like to consider making a donation to the foundation anyway.

Matthew Flinders Home chief executive officer Mike McKeown sums it up perfectly when he says it is a service that no one ever wants to use but when you need it you are grateful it is there.


The likely ban on snapper fishing, whether it is statewide or just in the West Coast, Spencer Gulf and Gulf St Vincent, will have a broad impact, from casual fishers to people who rely on the fishery for their livelihood.

One of the questions that is rightfully being asked is 'how did it get to this point?'

If the data is accurate, obviously something has to be done to save this fishery but surely action could have been taken earlier so the answer did not have to be so drastic.

Now that the closure seems inevitable, hopefully the state government will work closely with those hit hardest to minimise the financial impact.