Gladiators take close win



Gladiators 11 (41) def Lions 10 (41)

GLADIATORS escaped with a very close finish to win the night over the Lions.

Gladiators sit in fourth place with Tigers hot on their heels.

In the opening round games were spread evenly with Lester Barnes taking a great win for Gladiators over Kody Rosalia and Angelika Sederstrom defeating Fiona Rosalia, both in five sets, to be the standout singles matches.

In the second round Gladiators got their nose in front with Shane Stockham defeating Nathan Fong and Bill Broughton claiming Fiona Rosalia in a very tight match 13/11 in the fifth.

For Lions, Sally Kunze stood out defeating Cheryl King in four.

In a close game, doubles become critical and the Lions stood out here winning two but trailed by one going into the last round.

Lions were quick to add two wins but then Gladiators hit back with two important five-set victories through Angelika Sederstrom over Sally Kunze and Jesse Marcal over Geoff Haby to take the lead by one with two matches remaining.

Lions grabbed the first one with Nathan Fong winning a brilliant match over Lester Barnes in five long sets to level the scores.

The final showdown went to Gladiators, with Shane Stockham taking Lions' Kody Rosalia for an exciting victory.

Best: Gladiators: Shane Stockham and Angelika Sederstrom; Lions: Sally Kunze and Brenton Stagg.

Panthers 13 (47) def Croppos 8 (28)

Top of the table Panthers continue to hold their form after contesting Croppos, who sit in second place.

Games in the opening round came out even but the standout match went to Jim Casanova for Croppos, defeating Geoff McLachlan in five.

Croppos got the upper hand in the second round with Huey Rosalia, Adam Butterworth, Jim Casanova and Dan Mengis all chipping in.

However from here things changed dramatically as Panthers won all three doubles without dropping a set and then steamrolled home taking five wins.

Serena Fong took Wade Gray to five and Huey Rosalia likewise against Daniel Challinger but it was the doubles that let Croppos down.

Best: Panthers: Daniel Challinger and Ben Southam; Croppos: Jim Casanova and Dan Mengis.

Dodgers lost second spot last week and were keen to get it back as they came up against the Tigers who are fifth and still with a chance of making the finals.

Dodgers 11 (41) def Tigers 10 (37)

Dodgers lost second spot last week and were keen to get it back as they came up against the Tigers who are fifth and still with a chance of making the finals.

Dodgers got away to a great start taking four wins in the opening round with Darren Atkins over Geoff Nottle, John Folkman over Slavko Kolega, Jonathan Story over Lesley Kolega and Max Williams over Peter Lee.

Tigers' best in the opening round were Joseph Harris and Luke McLachlan.

Tigers matched Dodgers in the second round as Geoff Nottle defeated Marc Haning and Dodgers best was Connor Harrison defeating Lesley Kolega in four sets.

In the doubles all matches were hotly contested but Tigers won two and Dodgers claimed one through Max Williams/Connor Harrison over Peter Lee/Lesley Kolega 12/10 in the fifth.

Dodgers lead by one going into the last round as Tigers pounced first through Peter Lee and Lesley Kolega before Dodgers replied with three in a row from Jonathan Story over Luke McLachlan, Marc Haning taking a crucial match over Slavco Kolega in five tight sets and John Folkman over Geoff Nottle for the victory.

Joseph Harris finished the night off for Tigers but just fell short of the win.

Best: Dodgers: Jonathan Story and Connor Harrison; Tigers: Joseph Harris and Luke McLachlan.


Gladiators 10 (28) def Lions 2 (10)

Gladiators moved to top of the table for the first time with their crushing win over the Lions.

But Lions matched Gladiators in the opening round of singles taking two apiece with Matt Beckmann defeating Callum Guidera and Tyler Crawford winning a brilliant match over Jack Barnett in five sets.

For Gladiators, Lance Barnett and Kade Duncan won through.

Gladiators showed their strength in both rounds of doubles, taking them all, and finished strongly taking a clean sweep in the final round of singles.

Gladiators are looking cherry ripe for the finals.

Best: Gladiators: whole team; Lions: Matt Beckmann and Tyler Crawford.

Croppos 8 (25) def Panthers 4 (12)

Panthers welcomed back Jayden Townsend after few weeks' absence but they were still one player short for the night, which affected their endeavours greatly.

Games were evenly spread in the opening round as Ernie Bauer won a fantastic five-set thriller over David Sherry 12/10 in the fifth and Jayden Townsend defeated Bob Gibbes in four sets while Wayde Heidenreich beat Josh Butterworth.

In the doubles Panthers had to forfeit two matches but managed to collect one win in the top doubles with Bauer/Townsend over Sherry/Gibbes.

In the final round of singles Panthers added one more through Ernie Bauer over Bob Gibbes but it was Croppos' night to take the points and move into second spot on the ladder by a narrow percentage.

Best: Croppos: Wayde Heidenreich and Linnea Mead; Panthers: Ernie Bauer.

Tigers 6 (24) def Dodgers 6 (20)

Dodgers were without their number one player Andre Greyvenstein and Ethan Richardson came into the side.

Tigers opened their account in fine style with Rob Simon winning a great match over Dodgers' Bev Atkins in five sets.

Gary Weetra claimed Marene Greyvenstein in straight sets while for Dodgers Ethan Richardson won a brilliant game over Julieanne Simon in five sets and Luke DeIseio won a thrilling match over Tigers' fill in Fiona Rowland 12/10 in the fifth set to level the scores.

Doubles came out even with each team winning one double in both rounds to keep the scores level.

In the final round of singles Ethan Richardson played a great match for Dodgers to defeat Rob Simon in five sets and Marene Greyvenstein defeated Fiona Rowland in four while Julieanne Simon and Gary Weetra wrapped it up for Tigers.

The final scores were six rubbers all but Tigers were up on sets in an exciting finish to the night.

Tigers remain in fourth place for a shot at the finals in two weeks but more importantly Dodgers have now slipped to third on percentage with the top three teams on 10 wins each.

Best: Tigers: Gary Weetra; Dodgers: Ethan Richardson.

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