Ladder could come down to percentages

Great Flinders Table Tennis

Wanilla 8 lost to Yeelanna 22

A STRONG Yeelanna team defeated Wanilla, winning the first round of singles seven to three.

The top six players for Yeelanna won all of their matches.

Ben Price, Leanne O'Connor and Roslyn Hocking all had a win for Wanilla.

Yeelanna were again dominant in the second round of singles, winning eight.

Yeelanna's Luke McLachlan won in five against Kevin Mann and Roy Modra defeated Wanilla's Leanne O'Connor in five.

Wanilla's Megan Low and Roslyn Hocking won Wanilla's only double in the first round.

Yeelanna won a very close match 12-10 in the fifth when Roy Modra and Bob Gibbes beat Ben Price and Leanne O'Connor.

Yeelanna won three to two in the tiered doubles.

Three of these went to five with Yeelanna winning two of them.

Best: Wanilla: Ben Price who won two singles and a double; Yeelanna: Daniel Challinger, Tyler Ebert, Matthew and Luke McLachlan and Dion Anderson who won four.

Karkoo 11 lost to Cummins 19

Cummins won the first round of singles seven to three.

Karkoo's top player Darren Atkins was able to win against Lester Barnes in a tight match in five.

Cummins then won two five-game matches when Darryl Holley defeated Malcolm Hancock and Caro Miller won against Nick Maddern.

The second round of singles was closer, with Karkoo winning four.

Cummins players Lester Barnes and Caro Miller again played a five-game match.

Neil Carr defeated Barnes and Miller lost to Steven Fuss.

Cummins won three in each round of doubles.

Two five game matches were won by Karkoo in the first round when Vicki Mundy and Malcolm Hancock beat Troy Branson and Darryl Holley and Steven Fuss and Nick Maddern won against Vince Diment and Caro Miller.

The tiered doubles also had two matches that went to five.

Karkoo's Neil Carr and Vicki Mundy won against Jarrod Hill and Darryl Holley and Cummins players Vince Diment and Matt Guppy beat Steven Fuss and Brian Proctor.

Best: Karkoo: Vicki Mundy won four; Cummins: Matt Guppy, Shaun Clements and Kerry McCallum won four.

Yallunda Flat 22 def Tumby Bay 8

Yallunda Flat proved why they are on top of the ladder with a convincing win over Tumby Bay.

Tumby were only able to win one in the first round of singles when Marc Hanning defeated Tom Baldissera in four.

The closest match in this round was between Isaac Telfer and Tumby's Richard Hennell with Isaac winning in five.

The second round was even with both teams winning five.

Tumby won three five-game matches when Russell Fordham beat Isaac Telfer, Jesse Marcal won against Tom Baldissera and Max Williams defeated Sam Boehm.

Yallunda Flat won four in both rounds of doubles.

Yallunda Flat's Wade Grey and Tom Baldissera beat Jesse Marcal and Marc Hanning and Lisa Fitzgerald and Lorraine Dunn defeated Dennis Peck and Mal Mason.

Each team won a game in five in the tiered doubles.

Tumby's Richard Hennell and Jesse Marcal won against Isaac Telfer and Wade Gray.

Andrew Cabot and Tom Baldissera from Yallunda Flat beat Russell Fordham and Marc Hanning.

Best: Yallunda Flat: Alex Jaeger, Lisa Fitzgerald, Lorraine Dunn, Jared Bates and Carmel Sheehan won all of their matches; Tumby Bay: Marc Hanning won two singles.

The last match of the year could determine who gets second spot.

Yeelanna will need to win against top team Yallunda Flat to keep second.

If they lose and Cummins beat Tumby, then it will come down to percentage.

Premiership ladder

  1. Ylda Flat 11 wins 61.7%
  2. Yeelanna 10 wins 60.3%
  3. Cummins 9 wins 59.5%
  4. Tumby Bay 7 wins 45.7%
  5. Wanilla 4 wins 37.9%
  6. Karkoo 1 win 34.9%