Second round goes to Nettle

Coffin Bay golf

Tuesday, July 30

EIGHT ladies competed in the dreaded par round. Helen Rammers and Karen Burgin tied for first, Robyn Pentacost won nearest the pin (NTP) while Jude Cain had a chip in on 17.

Thursday, August 1

Phil Siviour, 38, won a stableford competition from by Zeb Kenny, 37. Willem Rammers, 34, was third on a count-back from John Kenny. NTP winners were Kevin Enright and Wilbur Williams.

Sunday, August 4

This was the second round of the men's championships and the monthly medal stroke round. Steve Nettle, 91/67, won the second round of the men's championships, winning the Beachcombers monthly award. Mick Kenny was runner-up on a count-back from Ron Evans, both net 69. Gina Kenny, 91/70, won the ladies from Jean Puckridge, 114/77. Jude Cain was the ladies NTP winner. Mick Kenny and Ian Beeby won the men's.

Tuesday, August 7

Robyn Pentacost had a great round of 104/70 to win the second round of the ladies' championships. Jude Cain won both the NTP on 1/10 and second shot on 5/14. Gina Kenny had a chip in on two while Jean Puckridge chipped in on eight.

Sunday, August 11

Fourteen players played a stableford. Jean Puckridge, 35, won the ladies from Jude Cain, 29. Helen Rammers edged out Ann Middleton for third, both 28. Men's winner was Nathan McAuliffe, 40, from Ron Evans, 33, and John Kenny, 31. NTP were Helen Rammers and Nathan McAuliffe.